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This morning was my first “training run” for my two 5Ks this summer. Wasn’t too hard at all – just a 1.5 miler. Which is one of those distances where, if you get tired, you can speed up to make it go by quicker.

As I was putting my sneakers into my gym bag and thinking about the nice shiny new pair I was going to get, perhaps even this weekend, it struck me.

My gym sneakers have a lot of miles on them.

They ran off weight before my wedding, when I was completely freaked out about having pictures of me taken in a white dress.

They carried me through many summer mornings on the bike path when I ran off the stress of wedding planning.

They helped me run off the stress of a new marriage.

They helped me run off the stress of many busy seasons at my job.

They helped me run away from the worry that something was wrong with me when we couldn’t conceive for 6 months.

They carried me through infertility.

Through the doctor’s visits. Through the tests. Through the surgeries. Through shots. Through the fear that we’d never be parents.

And they carried both Baby O and I when I was finally pregnant, and walking through my morning “workouts.”

They’ve helped me push his stroller to the park on the weekends.

These running sneakers have been my constant over the past five years.* And though I’m not typically the type of person to hang onto things because of the past, I admit that the idea of tossing them into the garbage pains me.

But then I think about a shiny new pair of shoes. Who will carry me through two 5Ks this summer.

What will the NEXT five years be like?


*Ok, yeah, so maybe I should have purchased a new pair of shoes a while ago. But I mostly just wear them at the gym now, and they’re still comfortable.



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  1. Cool reflection post Serenity. Makes me think about where my own shoes have carried me.

  2. My first thought: WOW. Amazing post.

    My second thought: WOW. It’s REALLY time for some new sneakers 🙂

    Maybe take a picture of the old sneakers. You could even do an artistic shot with some other souvenirs of the past five years. Then you have a special way to remember the shoes without actually keeping them.

  3. Dude – if I had the same sneakers for 5 years, you could smell me a mile away! TMI!?!?!

    LOL – great post.

  4. This is one of those posts you print off and stuff into those sneakers (or maybe just attach to a picture of the sneakers since you probably don’t want to keep them inside a memory chest for 20 years) for O to read some day.

  5. I liked the reminiscing but seriously think you need to look at how much support is left in them things. When you run longer distances, you could end up with shin splints and other pain you could avoid with new ones. I know, I know, not nearly as fun to have new ones with no memories… but think of all the NEW memories!

  6. Wow, what brand are those sneakers?

    The next five years, though… now there’s a thought.


  7. I love the post. Good job runners! (definitely time for a new pair)

  8. My thoughts mimicked ultimatejourney’s. I like her idea of a photo!

  9. Okay, I understand the “beauty” of how the miles got you everywhere – but i’m going to put all the niceness of your wonderful post aside and tell you that you need NEW running shoes! Although they can be comfortable, a shoe only keeps you from injury for like the first 350-550 miles with lots of factors. Check this out here: And hopefully you’ll see how new shoes will be good – getting to spread all those memories out in new shoes all the time!

    (chicklet should be proud of me)

  10. Hey–I have been remiss in following your blog, but I turn back in and see this post. Congrats on the 5K training, and I echo others when I say a new pair of shoes is necessary. Too much potential pain to think about with an old pair.

    And did you decide a sprint triathlon wasn’t your thing this year?

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