Oooooo, that smell… Can’t you smell that smell?

April 21, 2009 at 7:33 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

A couple of months ago, I thought that it would be a good idea to try and get Baby O to start eating meat.

He’s tried some ground turkey, and pieces of chicken, but he’s not really much in the way of meat right now. And truthfully, I’m okay with this, since he has only two teeth (and a tendency to cram his mouth full of food).

But I started thinking about his protein intake. Or lack thereof, since meat really isn’t his thing. We did try eggs, but twice now he’s had a reaction to the whites. And the yolks he’s just okay with – not a huge fan.

And so I hit upon a solution a little while ago. Beans and tofu.

So we’ve been trying all sorts of tofu. He seems to like the flavored the best.

In fact, his FAVORITE, now, is a tofu hot dog, which every time we give it to him, he shovels into his mouth as if he is afraid we’ll take it away if he doesn’t eat it quickly.

I mean, it’s HEALTHY. Well, healthier than a real hot dog, I suppose. Have to watch the sodium, but there’s no MSG or nitrates in them. And they’re easy – just cut em up and go.


We discovered very quickly the downside to his love for the tofu dog.

The mornings after he has one (or two, depending on how hungry he is the night before), when you walk into his room…

… the whole room reeks of garlic.

Gone are the days where he smells of baby powder (and there was that one time when I had a half pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cake Batter ice cream, and his diapers smelled like cake batter for days) and baby laundry detergent.

Now he gets FUNKY between baths. Dirt. Drool. Sweat. Old garlic.

You know that smell – when someone you work with comes back from lunch and you are DYING to offer them a mint.

That’s my Baby O.

And in the mornings, when I’m snuggling with him while he drinks his bottle, it’s all I can do not to gag. It’s STRONG.

But, you know. He LOVES those tofu dogs. And there ARE worse things he could smell like, I suppose. (Skunk, for example.)

And at least he can repel vampires.



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  1. I love this post. Glad to hear that you have found a good way for Baby O to get protein, sorry for the unfortunate side effect…

  2. LOL! 🙂


  4. So funny! Baby M loves pasta sauce and I don’t buy a special one for him – he gets what we get and that equals lots of garlic! I’ll have to try the tofu dogs because he loves hot dogs, but I hate that they are JUNK! Plus, we still only have 2 teeth also. I joke to him that we might need to get him some baby dentures!

  5. ROFL, I hate garlic – hate it, so I’d be gagging too!

  6. Thanks! I needed a good laugh this morning.

  7. Way to look on the bright side!

  8. Thanks for that laugh! Man that is FUNNY.

  9. hahaha! Love it! 🙂

  10. I have to admit that it was one of the major reasons I missed BF. Burps and poops were like puffs of spring.

  11. Icky poops–that’s when you start looking forward to potty training. We always struggle with protein sources–our girl won’t eat meats either. There’s only so much cheese and yogurt a kid can eat!

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