We’re out of Mojo today, thanks.

April 23, 2009 at 8:29 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

I was GOING to post about my rocking new sneakers. I mean, seriously. I had NO clue how BAD my old ones were until I strapped on my shiny new trainers last night. I felt like a freaking KANGAROO, they were so bouncy.

And so I shaved a full MINUTE off my usual run this morning.

Even better? My ankles and knees aren’t achy right now.

So yeah. Great gym day.

But then I went home before I went to work. To get coffee. Drop off my gym bag. See the baby and my husband.

And J met me at the door and told me that he found yet ANOTHER place where Puck has been peeing.

And then told me that Baby O, who was fussing in the kitchen, got up at 5:30 and “never went back to sleep.” (After, mind you, him having been up at MIDNIGHT last night. He was back asleep by 12:30, but there’s something that’s interrupting his sleep.)

In one fell swoop, those endorphins pumping me up came all crashing down.

Fucking cat. In the past however many months, he’s peed on THREE different rugs. We were able to take two of them up, get them cleaned, and stash them in the attic until we no longer have animals.

This is a NEW place on the stairs landing – on the rug he ruined when we brought Baby O home.

This place sucks even more, because it’s not even OUT OF THE WAY. You step in the fucking cat pee when you walk down the stairs.

I’m so fucking DONE with the cat pee. I’m sick of finding a new place he’s gone. I’m sick of wondering where the NEXT place he’s going to go is.

So yeah. That sucks.

The Baby O sleep thing, well, that at least is temporary. I hope anyway.

But today? No mojo here.

Just a big drag.



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  1. if it were *me* i’d put that puck on petftinder.org and try to find him a good home. if that didn’t work i’d have him euthanized.
    this is *my* opinion so any disagreers feel free to flame me.
    s, your fmaily comes first. and dealing with puck is taking away time from you guys.
    hey, could he stay outide. maybe during the day at least?

  2. Awww, hugs. It’s so hard when you love them but hate their actions. We haven’t dealt with anything as problematic as peeing. But gnawing on my previously-nice wood furniture? WTF?

    I hope your day gets better.

  3. no mojo here either… HUGS

  4. We kept our cat for so long after she started having incontinence problems. It was totally out of her control and she was probably going a little crazy at the same time. She ruined a lot of rugs and the house stank. My parents put her to sleep while I was at college and didn’t tell me and it BROKE MY HEART. But I understand. Good luck figuring it out.

  5. UGH. Sorry to hear about the cat pee and baby O waking up. Night waking is the worst if you’ve been STTN (we haven’t gotten there yet, but I often daydream of the day that we will).

    Hoping tomorrow is better! 🙂

  6. Yay for new sneaks, and shaving a minute off your mile 🙂

    Boo, for cat pee. I never had an indoor cat, so no assvice here…


  7. My cat (11 y/o) has had urinary tract issues so I have his litter box, food, water and a bed in our 2nd bathroom. I use a product called Cat Attract which “lures” him to his catbox. I give him prescription cat food to help with urinary issues. In another house, I place down a plastic blue foamy sheet that is used to put under wood floors – for protection from “wet.” Then I put cheap carpets – from Walmart or Home Depot (can’t remember now where) over that and there he was. I struggle with this issue – I have no children so Spenser is one of my furry babies. My dh HATES him. But, I (myself) made a commitment to him to take care of him for life. I personally would never adopt my cat to someone else. I think I’d try whatever I could think of and see if there is any medical issue for it or help behaviorally and if not, then I would put him to sleep. This is just my two cents worth!

  8. Yay on the new shoes and rocking a whole minute off your run! Go you!!!

    On the cat pee, I don’t know what to say, cuz I had a cat that puked everywhere to show me he was lonely. And I mean EVERYWHERE, like THREE times a day EVERYWHERE. And after everything, I finally gave him away to a home with 3 kids, cuz for me, I think my cat’s issue was I was suddenly single and he got no attention cuz I was of course always out.

    I know you don’t want to give him away, but maybe there’s some old lady who’s lonely who’d love him… and Puck would stop? I know it’s awful, but it’s better than putting up with hating a cat you love so much. And better than the alternative others would suggest.

    Hope it’s okay to dole out assvice…

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