Friday. Obsession.

April 24, 2009 at 10:18 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

Thank freaking goodness it’s Friday.

Baby O slept well last night. Was up at 3:30, coughing, but we gave him a little milk, then shut the monitor off*, and he slept until 7:15 today. Woke up in a fine mood, so that’s good.

Thank you ALL for your comments and suggestions on the Puck situation. I think our plan right now is to work with him over the next couple of weeks. Give him more attention, add another litterpan to the upstairs bathroom, try the kitty prozac.

But J and I did discuss the possibility that if he continues to pee outside his litterpan, we might need to find him a new home. Not because we can’t deal with the cat pee – honestly we can take up most of the rugs in our house, and were planning on replacing the carpet in the foyer with hardwood anyway. And as much as I bitch about it or freak out that he’s RUINING our house, he’s my cat and I love him.

But it’s mostly that HE’S unhappy. He’s lost 4lbs since November of 2007, which is significant. Personality-wise, he’s changed too. He used to curl up in our laps EVERY TIME we sat on the couch. Now? He rarely snuggles with us; choosing instead to sleep on the bed upstairs most of the time.

I just want to make things as easy on Puck as possible, that’s all. It’s been hard, since Baby O LOVES him and really wants to interact with him now.

Anyway. IF the new tactics we employ don’t work (and they MAY NOT), we have talked about the possibility of finding him a home. We’ll talk with the vet. We’ll ask around and see if there are any old ladies (or men) who will dote on Puck the way Puck needs doting.

In the meantime, though, we need to work through it.

But. New sneakers.

And obsessing.

Apparently I need to obsess about SOMETHING in my life. I don’t really want to obsess about Baby O or work.

So right now? It’s running.

I HEART my new shoes. To the extent that, yesterday afternoon when I was driving home, I wondered if it would be wrong to go outside for a run, even though I had run that morning.

So um yeah. I’ve been on this site daily, mapping new routes, and adding ‘training sessions.’ I’ve spent time googling how I can run faster and calculating (and recalculating) what time I’m HOPING to do for these 5ks this summer.

I can’t wait for my next run. I look forward to running. In fact, J, Baby O and I are heading to Maine this weekend, and last night I eagerly packed my new running shoes.

Course, when I’m actually RUNNING, since I’m pushing myself, I pretty much feel like quitting. Because yeah, it sucks when you’re out of shape to try and push yourself to run harder and faster.

But then I get that rush of endorphins, the goosebumps, the HAPPINESS…

… and I want more.

In the grand scheme of things, being obsessed about running is’t all bad. There are worse things to obsess about I’m sure. You know, like gambling. Or gaming. Or Baby O meeting every one of his milestones ahead of the curve. Or something else.

But yeah. You could say that I’m just a LITTLE obsessed.

Truth of it is, running makes me feel GOOD. Like there’s something in my life I can control. And when I look in the mirror these days, I FEEL better about myself. Stronger. Fitter. Like I CAN do it all – be a mom. Work full time. Focus on myself.

Is it any wonder I am obsessed then?

*As a note, Baby O’s room is RIGHT next to ours. In fact, his crib is against the same wall our headboard is. If he were to scream, we’d hear him. Last night he was just chattering to his bear blanket, and at 3 in the morning, tired overwhelms cute. So I turned the monitor off. Gladly.



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  1. Good for you- doing it all! That’s great the running is going so well! I am a little jealous, my RA damaged one of my ankles early on (thankfully the only joint with permanent damage) and the joint is also constantly inflamed, so running has been something I’ve only been able to do sporadically over the last 5 years. Though my ankle was so much better in my last pregnancy, I may try taking it up again while pregnant (I do cardio on elliptical so it’s not adding something new really). You are my inpsiration!

    I hope something works out with Puck that allows you to keep him-.

    Glad Baby O and you got some sleep last night.

  2. I hear you about the baby monitor. We just moved our son from our room into his own, and I’ve found that while he wakes up just as often as before, I sleep much better because I don’t hear every noise.

    That is worrisome about Puck, though. I don’t know much about cats, but it seems like a long time to still be upset about a new addition, especially if Baby O likes to play with him.

  3. I hope Puck can find some renewed happiness!

    How can I get obsessed about running? Your enthusiasm for it is great!

    And, boy do I wish I could turn off the monitor some nights. The other night Baby M was super congested. It wasn’t waking him up, but it was keeping me up. I wanted to get some sleep, but if I turned the monitor off I would NEVER hear him

  4. running is a great thing to be obsessed with. way to go! “tired overwhems cute”–that got a knowing chuckle out of me.

  5. So I wanna know what SHOES you bought??

    “I want what she’s having!”


  6. The baby monitor thing is funny. I am going to take your lead. I lay in bed listening to Cate crinkle the crinkle on her lovey. She sounds like the annoying person who nosiely eats cheetos in a quiet movie theater. Honestly, I never even thought of it to know. How funny. I mean, how on earth did we all survive with NO baby monitors? EVER?

    That’s cool that you are so motivated to run. Obsession is fun.

    I think I mentioned it last time….but we put our dog up on and she was adopted three days later. We got 50 or so repsonses. Though, most of them were laughable. Like this “dog availible?”

    I was full of crap when I said I would put a cat to sleep-or any animal. I hadn’t had caffiene and thus was more full of myself than ususal. But, I would never judge you for doing so,.

  7. Very glad to hear that Baby O slept!

    Not trying to be nosy, but have you had Puck checked for any kidney dysfunction? My cat had the same exact thing happen (weight loss, change in personality, peeing ALL over the house and furniture) and I was so pissed, until I took him to the vet. It turned out that he was in renal failure and I had no idea.

    You may have already checked on this, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    Good luck!!! 🙂

  8. My dog also had a peeing problem. We didn’t know if she was sick or if it was behavioral. We took her to the vet a bunch of times. They tested her urine and her blood a bunch. Long story short- three months later she ended up in the ER. Turns out she had cancer.

    When our regular vet had checked her blood it was all “normal” but her calcium level was at the top level that “normal” can be.

    Just wanted to throw that in there. I’ve learned a lot more about the tests they do on dogs now, so in the future with her (she’s doing really well now after some treatment) and our other dogs I’ll know what to ask and definitely approach the vet differently.

  9. I totally do the same when I’m on a roll with running – I think about going again and again, even when I know my body needs a break. It’s very very addictive.

  10. Yay for enjoying running! 🙂

    And for Baby O sleeping!

  11. It didn’t even occur to me until I read through some of the comments and re-read your post.

    Puck could just be getting old. He’s getting up there in the cat years. His sleeping only upstairs and not sitting on your lap anymore, all signal old age kitty.

    It may be a kidney problem, another symptom of old age for many cats (most of my moms cats exhibted this behavior).

    While the behavior may of started with when Baby O came home it may of happened anyway. Sometimes it takes a big change to have an animal decline.

    We had two dogs, Maddie and Peggy. They were a year apart and very competitive with each other. Peggy was clearly showing signs of aging and Maddie was in picture perfect health. When Peggy died, in literally about a month, Maddie went from perfectly healthy to slow and sluggish. I can’t remember when we had to have her put down but it wasn’t long after Peggy.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, Puck may just be “to old” for change.

    Love that you are addicted to running. Keep it up!!

  12. Sorry to hear about Puck. : (

    This might sound bad, but I haven’t used the baby monitor since the girls were 6 or 8 weeks old (they are almost 6 months now). Our house is old and sort of hollow sounding, and the girls are very loud, so even when were were sleeping on different floors, I could hear everything.

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