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April 28, 2009 at 9:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

Work is nuts right now, so I really only have time for a quick update.

So we figured out the reason for Baby O’s night waking.


Two of them – one of the central incisors, one lateral incisor (thanks D!) have popped through his gum. His other central incisor is threatening to pop through.

I’m pretty relieved, actually. One – because I thought that his night waking was because he misses his bottles.

Two – because I was DAMN tired last week.

Three – because maybe, just maybe, Baby O won’t be the only kid in kindergarten who only has two teeth.

Last night before bed we gave him a dose of tylenol, just in case. And wouldn’t you know it – he slept through until 6:45 this morning.


Even better, I had a freaking FANTASTIC run this morning. 10 minute miles… where I SPED UP for the last quarter mile because I wanted to go fast.

And I realized something.

I am a runner who LIKES to go FAST. I’m not so much an endurance runner. Or a marathoner. (Yet. Though a marathon IS on my “things I will do before I die” list.) Slowing down when I’m tired = PAIN.

But speeding up through the pain? Reminds me of being a kid; the fastest one on my block. I get goosebumps. It makes me smile.

(Course, right now it only lasts for about 10 minutes or so. Will have to work on sustaining speed for the full 5k.)

Either way… Sleep + excellent run = VERY GOOD MORNING.



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  1. Maintaining speed for 10 minutes is awesome – it’s better than me. Super fast is something I can only do for a minute or two.

  2. Hearing about your awesome run makes me want to go out and run. I used to be a, ‘Hmm, think I’ll do five miles today’ person. Now I’m a, ‘Hmm, do I want to go down the five stairs of my porch to get the mail?’

    One step at a time right? Glad you had such a great run.

  3. Glad those teeth are making an appearance! We’re still only at a total of 2 so Baby O won’t be the only one with a gappy smile in Kindergarten! I just read that the teeth are actually healthier when they come in later…

  4. YAY for sleep! 🙂 I’m sure Baby O won’t be the only one without all of his teeth–Lemy has no teeth and she’s 9 months now. Our ped says she’s not even close to teeth. Which is scary since that means she will likely get them all at once.

    Very glad you had an excellent morning!

  5. I never leave advice for anyone, but just went through this with my 8 mos old..getting 6 teeth at once..try Hyland’s Teething Tablets..they melt in the mouth, are natural and work wonders. Good luck

  6. oh yes, the teeth. I often wish our boys would cut teeth on the same schedule…alas is NOT the case! LOL

    a Great run!!!! GOOD FOR YOU sweets!!!!!

    hope the sleeping continues now that the teeth have cut skin. *hug*

  7. glad to hear that you had a good morning

  8. Yay for teeth AND sleep!

    WTG with the running, too.

  9. Hi Serenity,

    I confess, I am a lurker… I am hoping you might be able to help me out…

    Years ago there was a BEAUTIFUL and moving piece on infertility that used the phrase, “So I Wait” – the rest totally escapes me, but I sent it out to all my friends and family to help them understand the pain of infertility.

    Well, I have a friend that needs it now and I cannot find it. Since I think I may have seen it here, I am hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction.

    All my best to you and Baby O – you are doing an amazing job!

  10. That does sound like a great morning!

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