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Back in the day, I thought I knew what busy meant. During my busy time at work, I’d pretty much just work. And J would take care of everything else – laundry, dinners, etc – because he had the time.

I had no idea what BUSY was.

It’s nuts at work right now. The auditors are in, and they’re asking me for stuff every hour, and I’m working to generate the stuff they need every hour, and then it’s 5pm and I NEED to go home so I can see my baby before he goes to bed. And then I go home and we eat dinner and wash sippy cups* and a stinky baby and do dishes and laundry. And then it’s time for bed. And I do it all over again.

This is quite possibly the first time in my life where I have more work to do than the time to actually do it. Mostly because I can’t just work late anymore and trust that J will take care of the other stuff in our life. Because, see, HE’S busy at work now too. We’re equals, and that means that I have to hold up my end of the bargain when it comes to stuff at home too.


Anyway. That’s a very long excuse for why I haven’t posted in a while. I literally can’t find the time, even though I THINK about my posts on my commute to work. If I had a life administrative assistant, I’d dictate my blog posts to him** and then he’d post them for me.

Doesn’t work that way, I guess.

Not much to report, anyway, beyond the fact that work is kicking my ass. My running is going really well – focusing on distance instead of time has made it mentally easier to run faster and harder than I EVER have, even when I was running during our treatments. I have been managing 9-10 minute miles on the treadmill, and 10-11 minute miles when I run outside. (Which, frankly, has only been three times. Not going to lie to you, running outside is WAY different than being on a treadmill.)

I am also starting to make peace with this body of mine. I haven’t LOST any more weight – I’m pretty stymied at 12lbs lost. But I’m two full pants sizes down from what I was, and the running makes me remember I have MUSCLES underneath all the varicose-marbled cottage cheese that make up my thighs right now.

And I’m starting to realize that my body will never be like the way it was before Baby O. My boobs are bigger (and um saggy too. WTF?). My hips are wider. I have stretchmarks. And a c-section scar, with some loose skin over my belly.

But the more I run, the healthier I FEEL, and the better I feel about how I look. Funny how that all works.

So yeah. Another ode to running. But I’m sort of in love with it right now.

Baby O is doing great, too. It’s starting to be really FUN to drop him off at daycare in the mornings now – all of the babies are starting to INTERACT with each other. There’s a gorgeous little girl who smiles and claps every time I come in with Baby O. There’s a little boy Baby O’s age who plays peekaboo on the climber with him. And I hear stories about how Baby O will sometimes lead the room in a naptime mutiny – where he had his poor daycare teacher darting from crib to crib to try and settle the babies down, to no avail.

He’s just so much FUN now.

And I marvel at how far we’ve BOTH come in the past year. Because I distinctly remember being overwhelmed, and tired, and scared that I was screwing everything up last year. I worried all the time. I remember my friend D telling me over and over that I was doing a good job, that I shouldn’t worry, and I never really believed her.

Just amazing, that’s all.

* Grudgingly, Baby O is making the transition from bottles to sippy cups. We’re on all sippies at daycare during the day – which is the important part, because he needs to have sippies in order to move up to the young toddler room in July. But he will have days where he just won’t drink anything until he gets home. I suspect we’re going to have to go cold turkey for him to truly embrace the sippy cup. But I feel bad because he LIKES his bottles. And in my opinion there’s no real rush yet.

** If I had it my way, ‘him’ would equal a gorgeous gay man. In fact, I have one of my particular friends in mind for this role – I tell him all the time that he’d make a fantastic wife. I suppose what I really need is a wife. Hrm.



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  1. I transitioned Willow from formula to milk–I think that is mainly done now. However, having problems on the bottle to sippy cup transition too. (Which is frustrating for me because Michael was an EASY transitioner).

    Its hard to be a working mom. Not only juggling work and domestic duties, but also the emotional issues too. Of course, right now, I find myself unemployed–and still flipping too busy to put the laundry away (blah!).

    It does get easier once they get older.

  2. It is so hard to be a working mom. And it makes me so pissed off that so many people have to do it (it’s great that women have the ability and right to work outside the home, but I wish it was economically possible for more people – say, me – to work part-time or stay home or have my baby with me at work). When will this busy season end for you?

    Having a wife must be very nice.

  3. I know this was only a random aside of this post, but we’re totally having the great sippy cup/bottle battle. And we’re losing. We went cold turkey, and it hasn’t made one bit of difference. I’m thinking of going back to morning and night just so at least I know she’ll drink enough milk in those two sittings.

    The contests of wills begin, I guess.

    Glad the running is going well! I’m very impressed you’re fitting it in despite the crazed schedule. Good for you!! 🙂

  4. we are trying to embrace the sippy cup in our household as well, NOT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!
    I should start running too. Good job!

  5. I love reading your posts cuz it makes me think of how it’ll be for me – between the running love, the work insanity, and the kid just being awesome, I can’t wait to be in your shoes:-)

    And yea, running inside vs out is very different. I was SHOCKED how different the first few times. But it’s good to do it a few times before your 5k’s so you’re shocked now instead of then. Not like you don’t already know that however…

  6. I’ve missed you!

    I was just going to do a post about the sippy cup issue. If you get any great ideas let me know and I’ll let you know if I do.

  7. Ha! Amen to the sippy cup issue. I gave up on trying to bottlefeed Sacha at about 5 months and went for the sippy cup. At 13 months it is STILL is a battle! Though he is getting much much better at taking it. Finally, our nanny is successful at giving him the cup for 2 feedings a day, and I can do about one (on the days when she is not here-we only have the nanny twice a week.) Thnakfully I am finding that Sacha likes milk much more than formula, so that could be contributing to the higher success rate…

    Keep up the good running. Your success is inspiring!

  8. My daughter just graduated from bottles really recently. She had been doing sippies during the day and bottles first thing in the AM and last thing in the evening, and started not wanting her before bed milk (we switched to sippy for a week and even that didn’t work, so now she gets a story instead of a bottle). And she started being funny about her AM bottle, too so I switched her to a sippy and that seems to work better.

    All of that to say – once he’ll drink from a sippy in general, he’ll probably learn to drop the bottle on his own in time. Caroline did, which I wondered if she would ever give up her beloved bottle.

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