Uncle. (Now with an update)

May 17, 2009 at 8:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

That’s what I’m crying after this weekend.

Poor Baby O woke up fussy and miserable early Saturday morning. He spent most of the morning crying, in fact. Going on the assumption that maybe his mouth was bothering him – he really IS getting all four of his top teeth right now – we gave him some Tylenol.

Because really. I’ve been wondering now for a while if people used “teething” as an excuse for fussiness. In fact, my own mother in law would say “oh, he must be teething!” when Baby O was three months old and fussy. When no, he didn’t get his first tooth until he was nine months – and then they came in with nary a whimper from him.

But THIS TIME. Holy smokes. The medicine didn’t do much. He didn’t eat. He wouldn’t drink from his sippy. He just cried and cried. And looked at us like “please DO something about this. It hurts, it hurts.”

So we gave him some baby motrin. And finally, FINALLY he was okay enough to go out for our playdate with a couple of the mothers from daycare. And he fell asleep in the stroller on the way home from the park. Slept for a couple of hours. But then woke crying again.

So our whole weekend has been a lesson in pain management. Motrin works better than Tylenol. Scotch on the gums in conjunction with Motrin works well enough that it’ll stop the tears when he wakes up from a nap crying. Hyland’s teething tablets work just as well as scotch does (and makes me feel a WHOLE lot better than using something with alcohol in it does). A frozen teether is a very good thing, especially before dinnertime. The top of the tylenol bottle feels good when it squeaks across his gums.

So clearly I’ve eaten my words this weekend. Four teeth at once might just be enough to make a baby fussy. And the next time someone says “oh, he must be teething” in response to a comment where I tell them that Baby O isn’t sleeping well, I won’t roll my eyes.

Because this weekend?

Yeah. He’s teething.


At least he won’t be the only kid in preschool with just his two bottom teeth.


UPDATE – Baby O slept SO MUCH BETTER last night than he has in almost an entire week.

I am hoping this means good things. As of last night the last of the four buds was starting to pop through his gums; I am hoping that it means that he’ll have some respite for a little while at least. Poor kid.



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  1. People like to use teething as the scapegoat for all sorts of things. But there are definitely times when teething is the true culprit. I hope those teeth push through soon so you all get some relief!

  2. oh sweetie, but I will say that when people told me that early on, I didn’t believe them either…and then I read that somewhere around 3 months, their mouths ‘start getting ready for teeth” sensitive etc and this can change from one day to another…so I stopped rolling my eyes and basically blaming it for everything (which was also NOT the best idea)

    I am sorry he was so cranky and miserable, it’s so bad when Gio and Jacob are getting teeth, they get diarreha, they both have butts the color of Christmas red and you can hardly touch them with a wipe because they scream, and jacob last time was so raw and in so much pain that he literally didn’t sleep for more than 2 hrs at a time from Fri to Sun night, to say i was a mess by Monday morning (when incidentally the tooth had pushed through and he was FINE ) is an understatement.

    It’s not the best time, but at least 4 at once means that you’re in the clear for a month or so.

    *HUGS to you both*

  3. My friend’s son got 8 teeth in 2 weeks. She says it was the worst 2 weeks of her life.

    A relative who is a NICU nurse uses a tiny amount of Children’s Benadryl for teething pain.

    Hang in there!

  4. Four at once- Outch! poor baby O. I am glad you figured out how to give him some relief. My mother-in-law would also say “teething” all the time when my son was just fussy at 3 months, and that his gums looked swollen- and my son also did not get his first tooth until 9 months.

  5. This was our exact weekend last week. He has been much better, but the teeth still haven’t broken the skin. At three months the Dr. told us he was teething, but his never came in until 9 months and here we are at 14 months still waiting for some more to show. The thing that worked for us last weekend was Hyland’s Teething Tabs. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but within 30 minutes of taking them he went from screaming, crying, and clinging to my neck to laughing and playing on the floor by himself. Can’t hurt to try!

  6. Poor baby, poor mom… It kills me when Lyla gives me that look: it is hurting, make me feel better. I with you, motrin works much better than tylenol . She is getting a molar now… not fun at all , for nobody involved . glad to hear that he had a good night

  7. Four at once is a BIG deal! Poor guy. I’m glad they have all broken through, and that you have figured ou to help with the pain.
    Sacha’s top teeth caused much more pain for him than the bottom ones. He’s even gotten a bottom molar without much fuss, but I think a top one is coming in now and he was up moaning for hours last night.
    Oh, and get the camera ready… It’s amazing how Sacha’s smile changed as the top teeth started growing.

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