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So today marks the day where Baby O starts transitioning to the toddler room at his daycare center. He and two other babies are slated to move into the toddler room on July 1.

I really like the way they’re structuring the transition. This week, he will visit the room for a short time, an hour or so. He’ll be accompanied by one of the infant room teachers, at least early on.

If all goes well, they’ll start visiting for longer next week, including a mealtime. The last piece is to visit during naptime, sort of a big deal since the toddlers nap on mats and not in cribs like they do in the infant room.

His first day in the toddler room will be July 1.

In my conversations with Baby O’s primary teacher last week, she expects that, out of the three babies which are transitioning right now, he’ll probably have the hardest time with it.

I don’t disagree with this assessment. For two reasons.

1. It’s partly his nature. I try not to use the words “shy” to describe him. Because I don’t want it to be a label, where it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Where I start to make decisions on things because “He won’t like that. He’s shy.” It’s one of my biggest pet peeves about parenting, and I try to be vigilant that I don’t fall into that mindset. I’d just hate to propagate a label which may NOT be his personality.

But that’s another post for another day (apparently I feel strongly about this!).

Labels aside, though, Baby O IS reserved in new situations, particularly where there’s a lot of activity and noise. It takes him a good while to warm up to people. To new places. To pretty much anything that’s out of his usual routine. That’s just who he is.

2. He absolutely ADORES his current daycare teacher. He lights up whenever he walks (walks! by himself!) into the room when she’s there. He gives her hugs, and clutches at her pant legs so she can pick him up, and he smiles and laughs to get her to smile back at him. (He’s a charmer, this one. If he likes you? Really – he’s a FLIRT.)

And I can see that she digs him as much as he does her. She’s mentioned to me how proud she is that he will be moving up to the new room, but how sad she is to see him go.

So. He’s formed a strong attachment to her. He sees her every day. And so this period of transition, where he sees her, then has to go into another room, will be tough on him.

Because she isn’t going to be there, not all the time.

Ultimately, he’s going to be fine. It’ll take him a couple of weeks, and he’ll get comfortable with the kids and the teachers in the toddler room.

I am thankful that he’ll have his friend R with him, and in the early weeks, I know that the toddler teachers will give him a lot more attention to ease the transition.

So likely the next couple of weeks will be a bit rough on him. (And probably me, too, given his propensity for night wakings whenever there’s a HINT of change in the air.)

But in a couple of months, he’ll the Master of the Toddler Room Climber, and these few weeks will be like a bad dream.

And you know, he COULD take to the new room like a fish to water. He could do just fine.

Either way, it’s all going to work out. And though I have this strong feeling of being swept along by time, and not really being prepared for this (I mean, really. *I* am not prepared for him to be a Big Kid now. Wasn’t he born just yesterday?), there is SO much fun in store.

The toddler room is only the beginning.



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  1. We’re in the transition stage over here as well. Wishing you the best during the changes!

  2. Exciting times! GL and hoping for a smooth transition.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more on the not labeling kids thing. My other pet peeve is how people try to raise a mini-version of themselves rather than letting their children be themselves.

    Good luck with the transition. Maybe he’ll surprise you. But regardless learning to deal with change is probably a good lesson as it is inevitable in life. Just hoping it isn’t too hard you you 🙂

  4. how did it go???? I remember them going there in Feb and me feeling like OMG, it’s the Toddler Room and now they are talking to us about starting a transition to Toddler 2 about Oct or so…and I’m guffawing again. They are little boys now and not babies…and it freaks me out.
    I know he’ll do well. GOOD LUCK, but your daycare sounds like ours in that they take the transition serioulsy and ease the children into new places. it’s one of my favorite things about the place.

    hope it went well.

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