Updates (or: Lack of a Witty Title.)

June 18, 2009 at 9:13 am | Posted in milestones, School (aka: daycare), Sleep (for the weak | 8 Comments

First of all.

I’d like to go on record and state that I firmly believe that unless you’re actively trying for children, you should get a break from AF.

I’m just saying.


So. The updates. In bullets, since lately this is how I think:

  • After reading your comments on my Zen post and the lack of sleeping through the night in the Serenity house, we bit the bullet and decided that Baby O will no longer get liquid overnight.  I didn’t want to confuse him with the water, when really what I want is for him to sleep through the night. The first night went okay – he woke up, but he wasn’t unhappy. He was awake and kept himself occupied in his crib from 4-4:45 or so. I did only go in once, and that was to tuck him back in and tell him “It’s time for sleeping.” Eventually he put himself back to sleep without issue. Last night went even better – he slept through from when J put him to bed at 7 until about 6am.

    We’re going to keep it up; because I really do think that this is important. But so far the results have been encouraging.

  • The transition from the infant to toddler room is progressing. The first morning Baby O went for his visit was a bit rough. He clung to his favorite teacher, barely ate any snack, and completely lost it when one of the other toddlers in the room touched him on the shoulder. And because of that, yesterday morning’s dropoff went very poorly – he was very clingy and thin-skinned. I ended up having to leave him with a chipper “Have a great day! I love you!” while he sobbed as if his heart was breaking. It was horrible.But thanks to my friend D, who suggested I call and check in on him, I checked in mid-morning, and he was having a really good visit in the toddler room. From everything they’ve told me, he’s really interested in the room and toys itself, but isn’t too keen on the other kids yet. But yesterday he joined them at snacktime, sat at the table and ate his strawberries, then stayed for their outside play. He played in the sandbox of course. And by the end of the visit, the report was that he seemed a lot more comfortable. Which is good. Very good.

    Still, though, we’re bracing ourselves for some rough dropoffs in the mornings in the near term.

  • My friend’s daughter at Children’s is doing MUCH better, from all I keep hearing from other folks. She’s still got a long road ahead of her, but for the moment she’s out of the woods and progressing well. Which is AWESOME.

So no complaints here.

Today at least.




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  1. Yahoo! You’re on your way to a full night’s rest! Now we have to get you to sttn! lol! Good job momma!!

  2. I am so glad Baby O is doing better with the transition….

    …Trying to see things in perspective, having periods is not so bad, they are just a clear reminder that you have healthy working ovaries…. I would die to have at least one!!!…

    Can I borrow yours for the rest of the year???? 🙂

  3. I agree with you on AF.

    Yay for sleep! And for Baby O transitioning into the toddler room, enjoying snack is a start!

  4. I agree. I got AF only 4 times a year until we STOPPED trying. Now she’s regular as rain – what the hell?

  5. So with you on AF. UGH.

    YAY for progressions in sleep! That is fantastic and VERY encouraging as we are preparing to head down that road.

    And that’s great that Baby O is slowly taking steps towards the toddler room–that’s a big jump. 🙂

  6. Wow, way to go Baby O! I hope night time keeps going great!

  7. Good job, Baby O! He’ll be acting like he’s in charge of the toddler room before you know it!


  8. I’ll be reading this with interest since we’re at the same point with Baby T

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