More on Vacations: I’m Just Not That Into You.

July 3, 2009 at 11:34 am | Posted in rants | 7 Comments

Good grief I’m a whiner.

Just getting that all out made me feel a THOUSAND percent better.

In general I like my inlaws. And my SIL.

I think really what it boils down to is that I’m tired and stressed and really wanting something for ME.

Selfish. I know.

But I have a plan. If Baby O wakes me up early like I think he will? I will nap when he does.

I will take advantage of the built-in babysitting and make J take me out.

I’ll negotiate with J so that I can get out for a run EVERY DAY (bliss!).

I’m going to drink wine.

I’m going to enjoy the fact that I have family I love. Who maybe isn’t perfect. But they’re my family. And I’m lucky to have them.

I’m going to watch D and Baby O play, and giggle, and enjoy the fact that they’re close enough in age to play together.

I’m going to watch Baby O interact with his grandparents for a whole week.

I’m going to spend the longest amount of un-interrupted time with Baby O since September of last year. Where he’s walking, and learning new words, and playing in the sand.

And I’m going to realize that it ALWAYS goes better than I anticipate.

Thanks again for listening and supporting me, despite the selfishness of my last post.

Because I really am very lucky, and I need to remind myself of that. Often.

I’ll catch you all next week.



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  1. Nothing wrong with being selfish sometimes! “Put your own oxygen mask on before helping your child put on their’s”. Translation: you’re a better mom when you take care of yourself! Hope you have a great time.

  2. I did not find your last post whiney at all! Its the truth, especially with a toddler and family vacations–they can sometimes be more work than one wants! I think tho, its nice to think of the positives too, and I think you will have a good time despite it all. I hope the weather is good for you guys!! Enjoy!

  3. I agree with Elle Bee 100%. It’s your vacation too! I hope it’s a good one. I almost always find that everything goes better than anticipated.

  4. Hoping its going well and being selfish is a requirement of motherhood. Don’t beat yourself up over that. It’s true that taking care of yourself makes a you a better mommy….and a better person. *hug*

  5. Hope all is well and you get some time for you.

  6. No you are not a whiner, you have every right to feel the way you want to feel. I think you handled yourself pretty well and sometimes it feels good just to get things out in the open.
    Whine away, you deserve it

  7. Now that’s a plan!


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