Vacation SHOULD be a four letter word.

July 12, 2009 at 3:16 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

Thank FREAKING GAWD we’re home.


Actually, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated.

First topic: SIL. I always feel bad bitching about my SIL when I spend more than an afternoon with her because she’s actually pretty NICE. I enjoyed the mom talk with her. I never felt excluded. We shared tips and kid food and both of us watched our kids play and I never once felt like we were playing the mommy competition. It was really nice, actually.

Bane of my existence for the week?


I know that change in routine is tough for toddlers. And O is NOT a sleeper, not even close, since we’re still working with him on the overnights. So that first night, when we got there, we made sure we stayed the course with O. We did our normal routine – milk, then a book, then his bink and blanket. And we put him to sleep in the separate downstairs room. He slept pretty well – was up early when my FIL and J went fishing, but didn’t do too poorly, even with the new place.

When my SIL and nephew got there on Sunday, though? That’s when all hell broke loose.

We put the boys down to sleep together. I knew when my SIL suggested it that it probably wouldn’t be that good of an idea. But I figured we should at least try. Because there really wasn’t another bedroom that either one of the boys could sleep in. Because the alternative was that they’d have to sleep in our rooms instead.

They went down VERY easily, which surprised all of us. And I expected that at 4, when the guys got up to fish, O would wake D up because he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep.

I didn’t anticipate him waking everyone up at 11:30. And then when I went downstairs to try and get him to sleep again, D woke up and absolutely lost it. Because I wasn’t his mommy and it was the middle of the night. Poor kid.

Abort. While K soothed D back to sleep, J brought the pack and play upstairs to our room.

And thus began THE.LONGEST.NIGHT of my life.

Because we had changed things up in the middle of the night. Because O was now in OUR room, with both of us. Because everyone else in the house went back to sleep. He was up for FOUR FULL HOURS. He’d cry when we put him in the pack and play. If we ignored him he’d drop both his bink and his bear onto the floor and then YELL. We did try the cosleeping thing, but the bed was too irresistable for him to resist playing with – was a giant playground. The hours ticked by, and O was no closer to sleep. Finally, at 2:30am, in desperation, I threw on my jeans and took O for a long car ride, telling J that he should at least get SOME sleep before he was supposed to go out fishing.

We drove until 4am, when my eyes couldn’t stay open. (O of course conked out within the first 15 minutes of driving.) I ended up sitting in the parked car, shivering from exhaustion, until the guys left the house at 4:30 to hit the boat. No sense in bringing him into the house if he was just going to be woken up by people.

We slept until 7:30, the two of us. And then he was awake, ready to start his day.

The rest of the week? Wasn’t as BAD, per se. But wasn’t very good. He’d wake up in the middle of the night and want to play with us. We tried to ignore him, which worked. Sort of. Usually he went back to sleep within the hour without us having to do anything.

But one night we finally went out to sleep on the couch when he was up, because he started the whole “I dropped my blanket” rigamarole.

And the whole week I was tense and listening. We tried not to turn over at night, so that we might wake him up. We bought a little CD player and played music ALL THE TIME. And even on the last night, when my SIL and nephew had left and we took over their room, I woke up overnight three times, listening for O’s cry.

Nope. Not restful at all.

It wouldn’t have been so bad for J and I if we weren’t already sleep deprived from a hellish week of work for the BOTH of us the week BEFORE vacation. The night before we left J worked until 2am. And the night before that we were both working until midnight. We were both pretty spent BEFORE we got there.

The sleep thing just pretty much sucked, that’s all.

But otherwise, really, I can’t complain. Weather was fantastic there – only two days of rain. We went to the beach, where O walked all over the place, and darted in and out of the waves and giggled, and dug in (and ate) the sand. We went for ice cream, where he had his first whole kiddie size ice cream (strawberry). We went to the store, and cooked dinner, and ran around outside, and played in the lake, and listened incredulously to our son, who is picking up words like nobody’s business. (Seriously. He nearly DOUBLED the word he knows in the week we spent with him.) We watched the two cousins play, and get into trouble. And yell and smile at each other over the dinner table. And we watched a little sadly when O, on Saturday morning, looked eagerly for his cousin first thing in the morning.

But yeah. Thank goodness we’re home.

I didn’t realize just how wound up *I* was all week until yesterday evening. When Baby O went to bed, I nearly crashed with the exhaustion.

So yeah.


Not nearly the sort of relaxing, do-nothing, catch up on rest sort of time it USED to be.

Still though. It was awesome to spend a full week with O. Even if it wasn’t all that restful.



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  1. Ouch.

    I wonder, though, why SIL didn’t have her son w/her in her room. From a previous post, it sounded like you were paying for the house and they were tagging along. Sounds to me like you should have gotten the “extra” room for O to sleep in. Unless her son was going to be even worse than O about sleeping with them, it sounds like he should’ve gotten it anyway.

    We just got back from our “R&R” — which included everyone being sick, in succession, for at least 2 full days and/or nights. Seven miles from the nearest laundromat. Loads of laundry, because of course my kids had to wait to throw up a second time *after* I changed out the pillow and bedding from the first episode of vomiting. Glad to be home!

  2. Glad O had a nice time with family and you were able to enjoy some of it!

  3. I doubt it will help, but my daughter who IS a good sleeper usually did terrible on vacation, too. i think messing w/ their patterns really throws them off and they just don’t adjust quickly.

    glad it was mostly good, though.

  4. It sounds like you had a good time on the whole, which I’m really happy to read. That said, I’m sorry vacation wasn’t more restful, especially since it sounds like you and J could really have used some sleep. Hopefully fueling up your time-with-O tank will serve as a reasonable substitute for a fueling of the sleep tank.

    We are taking our little boy up to our cottage with my MIL and her husband and his grandson at the end of the month and are a little nervous about the adjusting and the sleeping too (as well as the ten-hour drive there!). Eek.

  5. Ya we don’t go on vacations…like…EVER. LOL we learned early when we dared to go camping and to the inlaws. NEVER AGAIN. My oldest cried all night unless I was nursing her or hubby was rocking her at a certain angle. *sigh* made us gun shy to do it again. LOL especially with 3 🙂 We have an overnight or two coming up this summer…and I am seriously considering making them day trips 🙂

    I feel your pain…hopefully next trip is better for you. I have friends who’s kids sleep anywhere and anytime, so I know it can happen. Good Luck!!

  6. Oh yeah. Toddlers and vacations. The sleep thing goes out the window, huh? Hope you can rest up now you’re home…


  7. Don;t you hate when they won’t sleep and you can’t let them make a ruckus because they will keep others up.
    Assvice–for next time-which I am sure won’t come until the memory of this one fades….

    What works for *us*– Even though we are traveling-her naps don’t change-she goes down at 9a.m. and 1p.m. She won’t sleep as long at a time-but it keeps her on schedule.
    Also-this is key for us–we put her to sleep in the closet-in a baby tent-because it is dark and she can’t see us thus avoiding the whole pack and play dilemma. And we can hear her. Funny, huh? But it works–again-for us. I only tell you this–b/c i have grown to like assvice from mothers with small children. : )

  8. I always come back from “vacation” feeling like I need a vacation! Totally sleep deprived. And crabby. And so, so happy to be home.

  9. Welcome back…to reality! It sounds like you had a nice time despite the sleep thing.

  10. wow, I’m Glad you’re home too…that was some week.
    Toddlers and vacations are hard. I am learning that their schedule is NOT mine and it stinks, but we still give it a shot.

    hopefully the next time won’t be so bad. Hoping you got some sleep when you got home….*hug*

  11. Welcome home. There really is no place like it. Routine, comfort, privacy…
    I know what you mean with the sleep while away thing. And the sharing a room. I just can’t do that anymore, I find that I don’t sleep one wink. I try to have a blow up matress to sleep on when we have to stay somewhere with only one bedroom available to us. That way, even with less comfortable sleep in middle of someone’s living room, I am at least getting *some* sleep.

  12. Toddlers and vacations don’t mix well at all when it comes to sleep. I so feel your pain.

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