Not Eggs-actly Parents of the Year.

July 31, 2009 at 9:42 am | Posted in motherhood, My life | 19 Comments

We first introduced eggs to O just after his first birthday, when we got the all-clear to give him everything except peanut butter from his pediatrician.

We made him scrambled eggs one morning.

He ate them no issue. But as he was eating, he got a rash around his mouth. Which we stupidly ignored. An hour later, after a 6oz bottle of milk, he puked everywhere.

So we thought that maybe we should avoid straight up eggs for a little while. Because egg allergy is common in babies under two.

A few weeks later, we let him try some meatloaf which had been made with egg whites.

And he got the rash again. Wisely, we ended the meal and did NOT give him milk that night. And thankfully, he did not throw up.

The few times he’s had bites of egg, he’s continued to get the rash.

So we’ve avoided.

So at O’s 15 month well-baby appointment, when he was due to get his MMR vaccine, I mentioned to the pediatrician about his allergy, and we decided to get him tested at an allergist before we went ahead and gave him the vaccine.

Because did you know that the MMR AND flu shot has egg proteins in it? (I didn’t either.)

Anyway. So we went to the allergist. And the skin test for both egg yolks AND egg whites came back positive. And so did the bloodwork. Came back with a high allergy to eggs.

Apparently, high enough that the allergist gave us an EPI PEN for a reaction.

Just in case.

Anyway. For the past month or so, Baby O has been having trouble in the early part of the night. He’ll cry in his sleep. And wake up in the early part of the night, asking for milk.

A couple of nights ago, he cried out in his sleep – enough that I was worried and checked in on him. He was sitting up, swallowing and swallowing, and swallowing. He didn’t want his bink in his mouth.

I KNEW that he was going to throw up.

So I picked him up and faced him at me. In the hopes that if he threw up it would be on me instead of the carpet or his bed.

Luckily he didn’t get sick. He went back to sleep almost right away.

And two hours later he wanted milk.

It got me thinking – what could he have eaten that bothered him?

He had eatetn his usual meal that night. Some buttered pasta. Cheese. Blueberries.

It wasn’t until the next night when J asked me: “Does the pasta have egg in it?” that I even THOUGHT to check.

We have been giving him Barilla Plus pasta. Because it has protein in it and is made from more whole grain than regular pasta.

Want to know what the source of protein is?

Egg white.


For the past 6 months, at LEAST, we’ve been feeding our son once, sometimes TWICE a day, something which has an ingredient in which he has an allergy.

Where the allergist gave us an EPI PEN to treat a reaction.

We didn’t realize that his crying at night, and possibly the waking for milk was because his TUMMY WAS BOTHERING him.

And the times he’s puked for what I thought was no reason? (“Oh, maybe it’s just hot. Maybe he’s getting sick. Weird, he seems FINE now!”)

It’s because we’ve given him something his body can’t handle.

I mean, obviously, we didn’t do it on PURPOSE or anything. And now we know. And we’ve gone through all his food, checked the ingredients, and luckily the only issue has been the pasta.

But I wish I could describe the level of guilt I have now that I know that it was something WE did which HURT him.

So yeah.

We are TOTALLY a shoo-in for Parents of the Year.



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  1. Sorry! It sucks. Well, at least you figured it out before you gave him the vax!! Yikes — can you imagine what it might have done to have it injected into him!

    A friend of mine’s first child had a bad allergy to eggs — she reacted to it in my friend’s breastmilk! My friend asked the midwife at her 6-week pp checkup, “Is it normal for my baby to sleep for only 10 minutes at a time and wake up and scream for an hour?” Yeah, it was bad. She figured out it was eggs because she ate eggs every morning for breakfast; but it took her a few days to get it out of her system. Apparently, it was hurting her tummy or something.

    At least you know now. Fortunately, there are websites that talk about eggs in food, and how to avoid them. If he’s not allergic to soy as well, a good egg substitute for things like cakes and other baked goods is a heaping Tablespoon of soy flour mixed with a Tablespoon of water.

  2. PLEASE be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can – you never would have intentionally given him something that his body couldn’t handle. The good news is that you now know, and you can deal with it. You are a great mama.

    With that said, I can totally relate to your feelings, as Thea has a ton of allergies (eggs included). The other day, I made her a smoothie with a new juice – I thought I had read the ingredients, but apparently I hadn’t. She broke out in a horrible diaper rash with blisters and woke every hour for four nights. The culprit? Apple juice. Which I KNOW she is allergic to. I felt horrible.

    I’ve also had good luck with using a product called “egg replacer” in anything baked that I make Thea. I haven’t been able to tell much of a difference.

    I didn’t know about egg in the MMR shot – we weren’t planning on giving that to Thea until after she is 2 anyway, so I hadn’t really read up on it yet. Thanks for the info! We did give her the flu shot last year (one of the two doses) and she had a pretty bad reaction to it, so we won’t be doing that again until we’re sure she has outgrown the allergy.

    Good luck! And as I said, please be gentle with yourself.

  3. Serenity, We all just do the best we can, then we mess up, then we do better. Don’t beat yourself up.

  4. Oh you’re the BEST mom I know. 🙂
    no use beating yourself up over that…

    hey we live, we learn, we might throw up…we move on .:) Right Bilbo!!!??

    I actually did know about the egg thing in the MMR, because they thing they made me sign asked about an egg allergy etc. But hey if they don’t TELL me , I don’t know. 🙂

    I just feel bad for you, because a child with that kind of allergy is hard to feed etc , at this age it’s hard enough to watch what they are doing, where they are, what they are eating etc….and to have that extra pressure is just HARD. SO I’m sending lots of hugs to Baby O and his AMAZING Mama.

    I’d nominate you for Mom of the year! (goodness knows they are NOT giving it to me !!! )

  5. What Serenity fails to mention is that she regularly tries to kill her BFF by making yummy foods with known allergens in them… gazpacho with clammato juice….so this is just par for the course! 😉 Guess it’s her way of telling us how much she cares for us!
    Like I said before it takes a while for allergen label reading to fully kick in! Don’t sweat it!

  6. Oh, S, please don’t be so hard on yourself.Now if youfigured it out and still gave it him just to see what might happen would be crappy. Even though we are parents we are still only human. O is so lucky to have parents that are so loving, caring and concerned.

  7. Oh Serenity, Sorry to hear about this. Don’t be so hard on yourself, that is the thing about allergies, we will not know until the baby is exposed to it a few times. You and j are great parents. HUGS

  8. try not to beat yourself up, S. an egg allergy is so hard as eggs are in so many things. you and j are doing an amazing job. just look at how happy O is. it’s the hardest part of being a parent — the unavoidable fact that we’re going to make mistakes, and sometimes mistakes that make our kids uncomfortable. you’re doing an amazing job. xoxo

  9. I KNOW I would not of checked the pasta. We are parents but we are also human. We are bound to make mistakes. So, don’t be so hard on yourself. Now you know, now you can stop giving him that kind of pasta.

    *Hugs* hon, it’s ok.

  10. I would have never thought to check the pasta label.

    You’re still a great Mom.


  11. wow, that must be some scary shite!

    I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through that, but at least you know now and you also have an action plan to prevent reactions from happening again.

    Like everyone else has already said, you’re still a great Mum and Baby O will be just fine. 🙂

  12. I agree with everyone else – don’t beat yourself up. There is no way I would have thought to check something like pasta. You are human and you are a great mom.

    My best friend’s little boy has celiac disease and you wouldn’t believe the amount of things that have wheat flour and gluten in them. It’s truly insane.

    Anyway, this has definitely taught me something to watch for as my daughter is about to turn one and will be ready to start even more foods. Thanks for the heads up!

  13. I have been a “blurker” for around 2 years. I hardly ever leave comments but please know I REALLY enjoy your blog for many, many reasons. I admire your ability to be so honest with yourself, and in turn, us, your blog readers. You have helped me become a more ‘aware’ person on a plethora of topics. This post hits home with every parent, I’m sure, because we have ALL done things UNknowingly of the problems our choices may cause. The best part is that you know NOW and will prevent it. We did the same thing with our little girl but it was peanut butter. We found out within seconds that she has a peanut allergy. She’s fine now, as baby O is 🙂 I sooo hope this is something he will outgrow!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. It’s always a bright spot in my day!

  14. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Who would have thought there were eggs in the pasta. Now you know to check everything you feed him, no matter what. Just to be safe. Trust me, you guys are good parents.

    If you get a chance, stop by and enter my contest for a Nanny McPhee DVD, electronic catch phrase, and a $25 Target Gift card.

  15. My SIL is a nurse assistant for a pediatric allergist, and she says her patients’ parents are terribly hard on themselves. I wouldn’t have thought that the protein in that pasta is egg based, either.

  16. Damn. An egg allergy. That one will certainly keep you on your toes. I hear some kids grow out of them – let’s hope baby O is one of those!


  17. De-lurking to say that my daughter is also allergic to eggs. Like one of the previous commenters, I also use this powder called egg-replacer (you mix it with water) in many baked goods. An egg allergy is hard- so many things have eggs that you don’t even think about- like anything with mayonnaise! But we manage. Good luck and here’s hoping he grows out of it!

  18. Baby T loves pasta so when we were in Italy we let him eat loads in a restaurant. It was only when a rash appeared ALL OVER that I remembered about fresh pasta having eggs in it. We’d suspected egg allergy for a while, blood tests have confirmed it and we are going to the paediatric unit at the hospital for his MMR jab next week.

    Here’s hoping they both grow out of it-

  19. Living with guilt from doing something “healthy and beneficial” for your child that ends up with an adverse reaction…yep you’re a parent now 🙂 The good parents have guilt when they realize this. The bad ones shrug it off. I hate feeling guilty because it means somethings gone wrong…but I know its only because I care so much. And obviously you do to. LOL after all…you aimed a pre-puking baby at yourself!! Thats love 🙂

    Seriously hope Baby O outgrows it soon. And very glad you know now.

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