Sleep and daycare and randomness (all in one post!)

August 6, 2009 at 4:53 pm | Posted in milestones, motherhood, My life | 6 Comments

So since we decided to stop poisoning our kid giving him pasta with egg in it?

O has consistently slept through the night.

And by consistent I mean that for the past four nights he has gone to bed at his bedtime and not woken up until both J and I had been awake for some time.

And yes.

I do expect that saying this out loud will jinx whatever it is that has gotten ‘into’ him.

But for now?


He’s in a better mood. Because, you know, he’s well rested.

We’re in a better mood.

For the same reason of course.

I’ll take it as long as it happens.


O’s transition to the toddler room is getting easier. On all of us.

He’s more comfortable in the room, and with the teachers.

He still is not so interested in the KIDS, per se. BUT!

My little anti-social butterfly has made great strides in letting other toddlers LOOK at him without bursting into tears.

(If they touch, however? Waterworks. Which I get. I don’t like to be touched either!)

Still though. He’s made such great strides there, especially with his language. In fact, one of the toddler room teachers told us that they were really impressed with how much O was speaking – not only what he could SAY, but the words he knows, too.

(So my kid? Chatterbox. Who knew?)

His new thing in the bathtub: holds up his rubber ducky and says “Ka! Ka! Ka!” And the rubber cow duck and says “MMMMMMMM!!!!”

(Because a duck says “quack.” And cows are good to eat. Wait. I mean they say “mmMMMMOOOOOOOOO!”)


So with all this newfound independence, and sleep, and the fact that my baby is now a real BOY (I mean, seriously people. Boy funk. Pours bucket of sand over his head. I’ve got a boy) living in my house…

…. well, I confess that at random times I’ve thought about the remote possibility of potentially THINKING about trying for another. Maybe a sibling.

But then I realize.

They come as NEWBORNS.

Which means sleep deprivation. And breatfeeding. Where my body isn’t really MINE.

So. Yeah. Random thoughts that will continue to be random.

At least for now. 🙂



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  1. Yay! I’m so glad things are going well.

    Funny, I’ve had the thought that I’d be ready for another if s/he could arrive at age 1. I’m not ready to go back to that newborn stuff either 🙂

    Good luck tonight!

  2. So with you on the newborn thing. I’ll take mine at 8 months, thanks. :o) I held a friend’s 8 week old twins the other day. I was soooooo glad to be able to give them back to her!
    Oh yum, cows ARE good to eat…what’s on your brain today? Cheeseburgers? Mmmmmmm….

  3. yay..i am glad you figured that out..

  4. Speaking of day-care — now that you know his sensitivity to eggs, you need to make sure that the day-care has that embedded into everyone’s brains. Eggs are everywhere and in everything, and if the pasta would do that to him, something else could too.

    The more I learn about food sensitivity/allergy/intolerance, the weirder yet more plausible it seems. My husband gets angry and frustrated (and doesn’t sleep well, has headaches, backaches, heartburn, restless legs — you name it) when he eats wheat, corn, milk and coffee. A friend of mine suggested the Blood Type Diet, and I thought “what the heck?” and saw improvement within just a few days and even more in a few weeks. I wouldn’t have thought that those things would have affected him, but going off those things (which are all “avoids” for Type O, which he is) improved his health. Oddly enough.

  5. Cow’s say mmmmm in our house too.

    Glad to hear the sleeping thing is so much better (whispers -it seems to be sorted for us too).

  6. Hurray for sleep!

    Reminds me that I have to call the ped today; I. has been repetitively clearing her throat for the past few days (coinciding with lots of playtime on the floor). I hope it’s not allergies.

    Whenever I hear that people are trying for #2 with a baby or young toddler, I am astonished they can manage to have enough s_x. Another reminder that things come much, much easier for most of the population.

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