Mindset shift.

August 10, 2009 at 9:46 am | Posted in allergies | 14 Comments

O was HUNGRY last night.

After eating TWO hotdogs and some cheese and cucumbers and tomatoes, I decided that I’d share with him some of my favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Which he ate without question.

He adores ice cream.

A half hour later, I knew something was up.

He was crying and trying to get out of the bathtub.

Which NEVER happens.

He didn’t really want his evening sippy of milk.

And then I had to rock him a good 15 minutes in order for him to be okay enough for me to put him in his crib.

And within the hour, he was crying.

He had thrown up.

(I KNEW it when I heard him cry.)

I thought maybe he had eaten too much. Or that the hotdogs were too much for him.

I was hoping that he wasn’t getting sick.

So when J came in, holding the ice cream pint, and said “guess what has eggs in it?”

I just hung my head.

I seriously had no idea. Ice cream? Seriously?

It’s milk and sugar, frozen.

Apparently not Ben and Jerry’s.

This part is TOUGH.

Because we’re not used to reading labels. We’ve never had to think about what’s IN food before.

But if we don’t, our kid has a belly ache. And gets sick.

(And, you know, could potentially go into anaphylaxis shock and DIE.)

My best friend J, who has a host of allergies (and who I’ve tried to kill with nuts/fish before, too, btw), told me this morning that we shouldn’t feel guilty.

She says that there’s a learning curve here. A mindset shift.

I’ve been trying not to feel guilty about the pasta thing. Because we DIDN’T know that there were eggs in it.

And even though he’s likely more sensitive to eggs because we kept, you know, GIVING it to him… we didn’t know.

This seems different somehow. Yeah, we didn’t KNOW that ice cream had egg in it.

But it’s our RESPONSIBILITY now to FIGURE OUT if things have egg in it. To read labels.

So J and I have to change our mindset now. Before he puts anything in his mouth, we need to ENSURE that we’re comfortable with the ingredients.

We can’t just share what WE’RE eating with him anymore.

Because the SCARIEST part of all of this is that we don’t know what might happen the NEXT TIME he gets exposed to eggs. He might just have a similar reaction – sick tummy.

Or he might lose his ability to breathe.

And I would never forgive myself if something happened to him because I was too fucking stupid to do something as simple as read a label.



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  1. Ice Cream? Seriously?!?! You are right – crazy mind shift. Dont worry – you’ll figure it all out, don’t you always? I’m still trying to figure out how MY SON doesn’t like swimming in a pool. He did come from my womb right? And I love swimming (and have always loved it form the day they let me loose near water)… and I’m struggling to figure out how to convince this little mini-me that pools are FUN! Swimming is awesome!


  2. Wow, that is really a tough spot to be in. Poor O, poor you guys! And no eggs? I’m so sorry.

  3. oh, S. Poor you. That sounds just plain awful. It will take time to get used to it–though, I bet you are now. He’s ok.
    Try not to beat yourself up–overall–you are doing a great job. And I promise you that this won’t be the worst thing you’ll do as a mom. : )

    If it makes you feel any better-I gave Cate a real jalapeno! On accident-I ws feeding her a part of my burrito and didn’t realize what i had done until her nose was running and she wanted me to pick her up.

    Which of course-taught me a good lesson-try my food and think about ingredients before I feed anything to her.

    We need to both learn that parenting is a learning experience. And to feel proud of good achievements so that when we muck it up once-we won’t beat ourselves up too much.


  4. I would never have thought ice cream would have eggs! My goodness, a mindset shift is right. Well, you will get the hang of this and pretty soon you will be the egg-allergy queen, able to give advice to others on what foods to watch out for. You have to give yourself a break because this is so new to you. You’re learning and with each mistake (which I KNOW there won’t be many of because you’re amazing), you’ll get exponentially better because of the diligent parents that you are. Seriously, I DO read labels, simply because I’m interested, and I’ve NEVER seen eggs in ice cream. I don’t buy B & J’s, but STILL! Who would’ve thought. Now you know. And O’s okay.

  5. Ugggg, Im so sorry about the egg issues! Poor thing=( And as others have said, dont beat yourself up–you will become a pro at what does and doesnt have egg in it. Glad O is OK!

  6. you are right, it is learning curve . i would have done the same thing , never guessing that there were eggs on ice cream . HUGS

  7. I have food allergies – eggs included. It will become second nature to read everything on the labels. You will learn quickly what foods to stay away from – all commercial bakery goods have eggs. That means cakes and cupcakes and cookies. There are good egg replacers out there.

    There is a possibility he will outgrow his egg allergy. I have grown in and out of some of mine through the years. I actually grew into my egg allergy. But I did grow out of my peanut allergy.

    The flu shot (and I believe the MMR vaccine) is cultured in eggs. So, that means no flu shots. Check before you have any vaccines done for O.

    Oh, and crappy ice cream sometimes doesn’t have eggs. But the good stuff always does.

    It is a learning curve for all of you. Before you know it, you will know exactly what you can feed O and be a pro at baking things with an egg replacer.

  8. I’m still trying to figure out how to get Ruby to eat solids (she’s almost 8 months). I gave her peice of cooked turnip today and she barfed out everything that she’s eaten for the past 3 months. And I felt so terrible that I was the one who gave her such a vegetable so vile that she puked, so I cried.

    I can’t imagine how hard it would be to have to worry about a food allergy. I suppose you will eventually get used to it and it will be second nature to either read the label or at some point know most of what has eggs in it.

    And I had no idea ice cream had eggs in it. It really shouldn’t. There’s no need for them in there.

  9. As someone who’s allergic to egg yolks, I can give you some relief that honestly, I didn’t know either – really. They’re one of those bastard products that’s in everything. If you want some tips, email me and I can help you out. Couple advance tips…

    1. Buy rice pasta. You can still have pasta but most rice pastas don’t have eggs:-). Read it to be sure, but most don’t.
    2. Be wary of almost all baked goods, including breads, goodies, etc.
    3. Be wary of things like fake crab and packaged goods. Fake things and pre-made things use eggs to make them better.

    Last, are you sure he’s allergic to eggs altogether? Or just yolks? Or just whites? I’m allergic to yolks, so I buy egg-whites to mix up my own baking.

  10. No allergies here luckily, but TBB does have intolerances. We have to be very careful and I read every single label. Even if I’ve bought the product previously I read it again as things can and do change.

    You’ll get used to checking labels and it will become second nature.

  11. oh wow, I wouldn’t have even thought about eggs in ice cream, I agree that it has to be a mindset, but you’re a great mom and you’ll get used to doing it….it might stink for a while but it will get better.

  12. I’m a longtime lurker, but had to comment today. I totally feel your pain. My son is 9mos old and was diagnosed w/egg and milk allergy at 4mos. I have been eliminating these from my diet(still nursing), and as he is getting older and eating more table foods, I have become an obsessive label reader. Eggs are in the strangest things. The latest, we have discovered the hard way, is chicken/beef broth. Some have milk, some have EGGS? and milk. We are all doing the best that we can.

  13. It’s hard remembering to read labels, I’m still on the learning curve. You’ll get there.

  14. Sorry about thw ice cream incident! That has to be tough. I know that breyers ice cream is just milk and sugar, and it’s not too bad. I think it’s the heavier ones that contain eggs. gelato should also almost always be egg free. that si what makes it gelato. You’ll have this all figured out in no time-

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