Beating the proverbial dead horse.

August 11, 2009 at 12:16 pm | Posted in allergies | 6 Comments

On allergies, of course.

(AGAIN with the allergies! Oy!)

(I promise this is the last in the series for a while. Kay?)

I took O to the allergist this morning for his MMR “challenge.” They do a skin test and then a subcutaneous test with the vaccine. If both are negative, then he can get the vaccine.

The allergist told me that it was unlikely he’d have much of a reaction to the MMR – there was only a little bit of egg protein in it.

And O did so well. Both the skin and sub-q tests were negative. So he got the shot.

I also came clean with the allergist. Told him that we had been feeding O pasta that had egg in it and didn’t realize it until he showed signs of stomach trouble. I also told him about the ice cream incident on Sunday night.

He confirmed for me that likely O’s sensitivity to eggs WAS worse now because of the repeated exposure.

But he was quick to reassure me that there is a learning curve with allergies. And that O seemed to have a moderate reaction to eggs thus far, which is promising.

And egg allergies are VERY common in kids under 2. And most of them grow out of it.

All very good things.

Still, though, the allergist underscored the importance of reading labels. And he reiterated that we never know when O might have a severe reaction to eggs – avoiding is the only way to keep him safe.

Finally, we talked about the flu shot. He told me that likely O WOULD have a reaction to that, since they actually INCUBATE the flu virus in egg. He told me that if O’s pediatrician recommended it (which is likely, given the swine flu epidemic this year), they can “desensitize” him so that he can have it without a reaction.

It means a morning in the allergist’s office.

It means that they’ll give him 3-4 doses of the flu shot in escalating doses. And wait in between, to make sure he has no reaction.

So that’s that. And in the meantime, we just have to be vigilant about knowing what’s in the food he eats.

The good news is that since we eliminated all forms of egg from his diet, O has slept through the night. And now that he’s not so tired, his time in the toddler room is better. And he’s happier.

So that’s something, at least.

Anyway. Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions. And the support, too. It’s much appreciated here at chez Serenity.



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  1. It’s all so complicated! It’s like people who are allergic to corn and s so can’t take a lot of meds because the capsules are corn-based. Glad you seem to have a good allergist though. I think I need one for me! Haha!

  2. If you need to talk about allergies until the cows come home…do it. Its your blog and your place to vent.

    Glad things sound promising with the allergist…here’s to hoping he outgrows it. I never knew people could be allergic to eggs. They seem so…innocent!!

  3. Wow! Here they just gave T the jab at the hospital with adrenalin available, in case. Luckily, there was no reaction.

  4. I don’t know much about allergies in children… I do know when I was breastfeeding I couldn’t have a drop of dairy, and just got used to reading if there was any in packaged foods.
    It will get easier (we should all be in the habit of reading what is in our food anyways!!), and I hope that O grows out of his allegy. In the meantime, talk about the allergies all you want, I’m listening.

  5. I’m hopeful for you that the allergies will resolve with age.

    Meantime, I feel for you. Reading labels is tough. BUT you are doing a great job, learning curve and all.


  6. Hi Serenity,
    I totally agree with your friend and doctor on the learning curve thing! My mom’s family has a ton of allergies, milk and nuts being the biggest. My mom is allergic to nuts. Since I grew up with that allergy, I’m totally used to it and I check everything for it (and make sure I don’t use seperate knives and such even though my mom doesn’t live with us).

    My cousins and aunts are allergic to everything from fish to eggs to grass to the cold, ok, you get it. I NEVER think to check for their allergies and feel bad everytime I buy something they can’t have. It’s been 28 years.

    My aunt (who’s daughter was allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts but grew out of her dairy allergy at the age of 20) says that by the time Baby O is 2, you won’t even think about checking labels, even ones that you have already checked.

    Good luck – glad he’s sleeping through the night!!

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