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I wish I had a witty title for this post.

But I can’t quite put into words how much I DIG my son.

And where he is right now, in terms of his learning (and mad skillz).

He’s just amazing.

It seems like he learns a new skill with every day that goes by.

He’s now into sitting in his own O sized chair to eat his meals. He has mastered the use of a spoon for his morning oatmeal applesauce.

And when he’s done, he reaches out his messy hand* and signals me to clean it off. Then he grabs bear and walks away in the search for his toys.

He’s talking more and more these days. He says a LOT of words we recognize – mama, dada, bear, maisy (meh-meh!), kitty, apple, out (“owwwww!”), car, ball, cheese, bink, me, (“ME!”)- to name a few.

But he’ll also come up to either J or I, look at us fixedly, and start a conversation. He’ll say “Dfadfakgb! Abtgrstoik!”

(And of COURSE we’ll respond with an amazed look. And say “Really? What happened then?”)

He knows that you talk on the phone with it up to your ear. He’ll pretend with most everything that it’s a phone, hold it up on his ear, then hold it out so that I can talk on it too.

Usually I say “Hello? HELLO? Oh! You want to talk to O?” And then I’ll give it back to him and say “it’s for YOU!”

So the other day, he held it to his ear, frowned and waited a beat. And said “mama?”

Then held it out to me.

You know, so I could talk.


He just recently discovered that he loves the slide at the playground. And he loves to run full speed (holding onto our hands of course) into the waves in the ocean.

He still loves his bath. He’ll stand up and look like he wants to get out, but when we ask “want to get out?” he will sit down back into the water as quickly as he can.

He comes home with more sand in his shoes from the sandbox than I can even imagine. His favorite sandbox activity at school is to pour it over his head.

He loves buttons. He wants to press the buttons on the TV when it’s on. He just recently discovered that his crib aquarium has a button on it to change the music. That’s his new favorite hobby in the mornings – we hear him changing channels over the monitor. Over and over and over again.

He’s also taken to helping me on the weekends. This weekend, for example, when I was putting clothes into the dryer. I’d put them on the open door for him, and he pushed them into the dryer. And he even closed the door for me when he was done.

It’s interesting. I really thought I’d be sad to leave the Baby O behind. There were moments where I mourned losing his infancy. Weaning, for example.

But he’s turned into my little boy. Complete with little boy stinky feet, dirty, skinned knees, dirty fingernails, and sand in his shoes.

And with each passing day, I am more and more amazed at the person he’s turning into. I love that he looks for us when he’s unsure. I love that he wants to be held and cuddled when he doesn’t feel good. Or he’s tired. I love that he will come over when I’m making dinner and want to be picked up.

I love this life I’m living.

I love being his mom.

*The left. Always the left. He uses his spoon left handed. He throws a ball left handed. He stacks blocked left handed. If I had to guess, he will be a lefty.



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  1. I’ve been thinking about this lately, how I use to miss Lyla as a baby but now i having such a great time interacting with my big girl. It is just fantastic to see they learning so many things so fast… Lyla is a lefty too LOL she has a hard holding the spoon the right way.

  2. Audie does the same phone thing! anything and everything is a phone! and the button pushing — oh my. sometimes just seeing the debit machine at the store is enough to send him into fits the need to push the buttons is so strong. A and O would have a fine time together, that’s for sure.
    this IS such an amazing time — i TOTALLY get what you’re saying about how you thought you would be sad that he is growing up but i too find the future and who he is becoming to be so very exciting!

  3. Awesome

  4. πŸ˜€

  5. He sounds lovely, sweetie, and it’s a gorgeous post.

    That bit about him talking gobbledegook lit a spark in me – you MUST buy him a copy of Knuffle bunny. It’s at this stage, where children know what language sounds like but don’t know how to do it yet – that this book comes into its own. I promise you he will find it hilarious (well, Pob did).

  6. Oh wow, just reading it was like telling you about the boys…seriously, they even have those same words. While I am EXHAUSTED lately, you’re right, this time…this age is amazing to me.
    John said at lunch: “You tell them to do something, they go and do it….I want to ask them for beer πŸ™‚ ” . It really is just such a good time for them and us isn’t it????

    I am so glad you are so in love and smitten with your little boy. He’s a miracle…and I’m just so happy that you’re getting to enjoy that every single day πŸ™‚

  7. Such a sweet post. It’s so amazing what they do and how fast they grow up.

    I’m sorry about the egg allergy. I know you’ll figure it out. πŸ™‚

  8. Awesome. Just awesome.

  9. Such an adorable post that makes V’s rapid growth just a little easier – thanks!

  10. Just beautiful.

  11. I’m right there with you. My little boy is blooming like a wildflower and I am entranced. He is learning so fast it is amazing, and I am LOVING teaching him. It is a joy to be his Mommy.

  12. This is a great post! So glad to read it.

    Good luck with the egg allergy. It is in a surprising number of things. I would be like, well it’s in cake and um… scrambled egg, and… fried egg… but actually it’s in icecream and pasta too, as it turns out, which seems obvious in hindsight, but I never would have thought of it myself… fingers crossed he does grow out of it. But hurrah for sleeping through the night! In his case, there really was an answer!


  13. This is such an amazing stage. I love hearing all about what O is up to. He is so awesome. And cute to boot.
    I think I have finished mourning the outgrowing of the baby stage- because this one is SO COOL! I have a feeling that we will feel that way about most of the stages (perhaps not so much the terrible 2s…).

  14. He sounds like a pretty awesome guy. πŸ™‚ Glad you’re enjoying this time!

  15. That was just an awesome post to read. Simply said – awesome.

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