August 20, 2009 at 8:09 am | Posted in motherhood, My life | 5 Comments

O has had a fever since Monday night.

It peaked at 103.1 on Tuesday afternoon.

Thankfully it receded from that high.

But it’s stubbornly remained hovering around 102 ever since.*

We learned the hard way on Monday night: Motrin on an empty stomach = me cupping my hand to catch puke before it hits the floor.

(And. Why is it that my defining mom moments are at 3:30 in the morning, when I’m covered in puke?)

But anyway. O’s not eating, because he’s not feeling well.

And given how sick he gets on motrin without having eaten, we can only give him tylenol.

Which lasts about two minutes.

So the nights?

Have been ROUGH.

He wakes up crying. I go into his room and give him some water and feel his forehead, hoping that the fever’s broken.

Then he puts his arms up and I pick him up. We rock for a ten minutes and he rests, his hot little body cradled in my arms.

Then I put him back into bed and he rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Rinse, repeat. Multiple times a night.

So I skipped my run on Tuesday morning, since I was up from the above puke incident from 2:30 until about 15 minutes before my alarm rang at 5am.

But I have another race coming up. Two weeks from today, actually.

So this morning, as exhausted as I was, I dragged my sorry ass out of bed.

And I ran.

And about 10 minutes into my run, I started to feel GOOD. Really good.

I didn’t do the entire 5k this morning – ran only about 4k.

But I ran the whole time.

And. After three nights of very interrupted sleep?

This morning’s run was my accomplishment.

*J has walking orders that, if O’s temperature is still high this morning, to call the pediatrician’s office. Can’t hurt to get him seen if they think he should come in, though I expect this is likely a virus.



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  1. Lots of sickness around in the blogosphere this week–poor O=( And poor mommy! And kudos for you for getting up to run–you are my hero. Hope all is well in the Serenity household soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about him being sick. But yay for you running! You are being the good mom–finding time to run, even after being puked on!

  3. Good for you! I & N are teething and I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in several weeks. But I’ve managed to get on the treadmill every morning — just 1 mile @ 10 min, but it’s something, and it makes ME feel so much better and able to cope with the long days and nights. Hope Baby O feels better ASAP.

  4. I can barely walk after 2 sleepless night, imagine run 4K… you go girl. Lyla is feeling the same way, not eating, fever,s crying all the time… I hope that they both feel better soon

  5. Hope O feels better soon. And Yay on you for the running 🙂

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