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Being home with O this week hasn’t been without its merits.

He’s talking more and more. Complaining, in his own language. In fact, yesterday at the pediatrician’s office, J said that O gave his doctor quite a lecture after she swabbed his sore throat.

(Not strep – at least not yet – first culture came back negative. We’re still waiting on the second culture. But his throat was very raw, so we now have an explanation for the lack of eating/drinking.)

But what is really exciting is that he’s saying REAL words now too.

Like, for example. Button.

Which, you know, is his favorite thing these days. Anything with a button gives J and I at least 5 minutes of quiet time, while he presses every one.

So yesterday when I walked past our oven, which is built up into the wall, he pointed at it and said “ba-TING!”

And I stopped. And said, “you want to play with the buttons?”

And he said “ba-TUN!”

And reached out with an extended pointer finger and pressed on the panel buttons.

So for the rest of the day, every time he wanted to play with my cellphone, blackberry, the remote, the microwave – he’d look at me, point, and say “ba-TING!”

And then “MAH! ba-TING!” (This when he had the remote in his hand and I wanted it back to turn off the TV.)

It was so freaking cute.

And a big deal, actually. Because button is the first two syllable word he’s said where the first syllable doesn’t mirror the last.

And I can say without reservation that watching him figure out language is the best part of being his mom right now.

I’m fascinated by the way he learns. How he’s been holding “conversations” with people. The housepainters (another post for another day. But I’m ready for them to be done!). People in stores. The cat (even though Puck makes it KNOWN that he doesn’t want to be spoken to – back turned. Tail twitching. It’s actually pretty comical).

And when O does this, even though most of his words are gobbledygook, his cadence and tone is EXACTLY what you would expect from someone speaking to another.

It’s just awesome.

And I can’t wait for the day where he and I can have Car Talk, too.



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  1. I love this time too…watching them say something you never expected. Gio said “Tur Tell” the other day, when I handed him something and said “say turtle” (Like he was going to say it..yeah right) and then he did…and it was sooooo cute and a littel unsettling too . 🙂

    so I get you, it’s adorable and cool.

    baby O sounds like he is getting ready for his close up. 🙂

  2. Aw that sounds so cute! This is a very fun age they’re in right now. I love trying to figure out what M is saying!

  3. I think that baby O and Lyla caught the same virus… now her fever is gone and she has a post viral rash. I am also loving this new stage of her life. It is so fascinatng to see them learning and expressing themselves , insn’t it?

  4. Hi Serenity…I’ve been a lurker of your blog…I have a question for you and I’m hoping you wouldn’t mind emailing me at awaszczyk at gmail dot com. I don’t want to post it here and I can’t find your email addy!

  5. Very cute and so much fun!

  6. that is so cool! it’s so fun watching them learn how to express themselves. exciting times.

  7. I love their ability to mimic action as well. Watching ZGirl put the phone to her ear or try to put on my shoes is enough to make me swoon from the cuteness.

    I think button is a very momentous first multiple syllabalic word.

  8. Button! Great word! Though I do love the gobbledygook talk, too. I imagine that’s how everybody else sounds to them.

    Congrats on making the run.


  9. Thanks for your sweet comment. I’m sorry for your lost embryos too. So glad to see you had a really sweet one that took! (-;

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