She kicks ass.

September 18, 2009 at 8:41 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 18 Comments

I got to see S yesterday.

J had made a moroccan lentil soup (yes, J made it. My husband is a fantastic cook, among other things. Another post for another day!) the other night, and we froze it.

So yesterday I took some time and drove it down to her house. One of her friends had set up a cooler near the back of the house so that we could leave food for her, so I assumed I would just leave the food and head back.

But she saw my car, and she came out, calling my name, and asking “what the hell are you DOING here?”

And we hugged, and then chatted.

She wants to FIGHT it. The doctor who told her that there was nothing they could do right now, that they would save the chemo and surgery for later, when her insides were peppered with tumors? She told me she wanted to PUNCH the woman. Because all she heard was “studies” and “statistics.”

The doctor didn’t once consider her as a person, she said. And she doesn’t want to walk down a path of protocols for this type of person. She wants a doctor who believes in her. That she can BEAT it.

So she’s going for more opinions. The way it seems right now is that she’s choosing between being really aggressive and potentially beating it, versus accepting that her cancer is chronic and likely terminal.

She keeps thinking that SOMEONE needs to beat the odds. People do it every day. Why NOT her?

And she said, “I have no room in my life for chronic cancer. I have a family to raise.”

I came away heartened. And so very inspired by her.

And I TOLD her that I believe in her. And I will continue believing in her.

And I will tell her continuously that she can do this. Because she feeds off hope, and she DESERVES to hope. She’s got too much to live for.

And if anyone can beat this, my friend S can.



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  1. Good for her!

  2. thats so great!
    It sounds like it was really good thing for not only her, but you that you were able to actually catch up with S. You are sounding so much more positive than your last post!

  3. Pardon my language…
    But Fuck YES! She absolutely will/could/should beat the odds. Good for her for going after it, for going elsewehere when she didn’t like how complacent the doctor was.

    GREAT for her for being her best advocate!

  4. A positive attitude helps a lot and it sounds like she has got one. Good for her. I hope she beats the crap out of it.

  5. Good for her–I’d wondered if she’d sought a second opinion.

  6. Wow! Just wow! Your friend is a-frickin’-mazing! And shame on that doctor!!!! Geesh! 😦

  7. What a brave woman…what a strong mother!!

  8. I’m so proud of her for fighting! I can’t imagine what she’s going through. Her strength is inspiring. And I’m so proud of you too, Serenity for running the SGK for the Cure. You’re amazing!

  9. She MUST go to the nearest Cancer Treatment Center of America! They saved my mother when she was told she had no chance. They will do a free consultation (fly/board her & husband if needed) and treat the whole person, not just kill the cancer. Supplements and building up her self and physical being are key are fighting this. She can do it, she just needs the right team with the right tools. Best of luck & prayers to S.

    -Lurker from MN

  10. The mind and the body are very connected and her attitude is fabulous.

    Does she live near any university medical centers or teaching centers? They usually have the doctors that are the most aggressive in believing in the positive…they are young and eager and want to win. It sounds like that is what she needs.

  11. Your friend is a brave woman….a girl Travis and I went to school with just recently lost the fight to cancer (yes, I know we are like 12 years old, but all the same, she was in his grade, so that did make her 26, but yeah) and hoped and hoped till the very end. If nothing else, there were no regrets.

    I hope your friend beats the odds!

  12. You go S. Praying and hoping for great things for you

  13. sending HUGE good vibes to your friend. Having worked at a cancer research and treatment center for over a year now, the one true thing about cancer is that you just NEVER know. People beat the odds every day. There are clinical trials; there are docs who think outside of the box. There are always options.

    Keeping you BOTH in my thoughts.

  14. The attitude that S has and friends like you will help her beat this….Thinking and praying for you both!

  15. Soooo great to know you got some time to reconnect! I’m so glad that it went so terribly well.

    I know you said before that you were feeling guilty… I don’t know you well enough to advise, but I know that you’ve made the absolute right step towards being there going forward. Really, an hour isn’t so far away if you plan it right.

    My best friend is also an hour away – so we plan WHOLE days together vs. short outings like we used to have. I take food to contribute to dinner, Jim’s pack-n-play, and a crate of toys and we camp out at her home until late, late. Then another weekend she and her family come to my home and does the same. It gives us and our families the quality time we need. Until we started doing this it was too easy for time to slip by, unoticed. Now, we stay connected.

    Maybe you guys can work something similar out… You never know, she might really like to have extra-trustworthy hands around to help out with her family if she’s feeling especially tired…

    However it happens, I hope you guys find a way to spend quality time together again. Sounds like you both need it. 🙂

  16. *WOW* sending her lots of strenght to do it. GO S!!!!!!!
    what an amazing person!!!!

  17. I am really happy that your friend has chosen to fight!!

    Thanks so much for the comment, You are right, I am NOT there yet, no matter how much I thought I was as I said that call changed it all!!

    I will keep breathing!!


  18. Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of S. Sending strength and hope.

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