October 9, 2009 at 1:49 pm | Posted in motherhood | 4 Comments

O is OBSESSED with belly buttons.

He LOVES reading “The Belly Button Book.” (Where tons of hippos LOVE their belly bs and go to Belly Button Beach and sing songs about their belly buttons.)

If you ask him where his belly button is, he’ll stop whatever it is he’s doing and hike up his shirt. And proudly show you that he has a belly button.

Cute, right?


Lately, he’s been lifting MY shirt to look at MY belly button. He’s amazed that I have one too.

(Whatever. He’s probably also shocked at how HUGE mine is. Seriously, J calls it the “Pit of Despair.” It’s so ridiculously deep that when I was pregnant with O, it shallowed out. You know, so we could actually see the bottom. Other women’s belly buttons pop out. Mine? Was still pretty deep.)

And truly, there’s nothing QUITE like your kid coming up to you in the waiting room of a doctor’s office to lift up your shirt.

You know, just to check that my belly button is still there.

And he does it while I’m changing his diaper, too. Lifts up my shirt to see my belly button. Then plays peekaboo by ducking his head underneath my shirt and then popping back out.

And I’ll be honest.


My belly should not be observed by ANYONE. Seriously. It’s a stretch-marked, lumpy, droopy bit of nastiness.

And the fact that my son LOVES it utterly WEIRDS ME OUT.

So I really REALLY hope this is a phase. And I stay on my guard.

Because with O?

You never know when I’m going to flash someone.



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  1. Check out “The Shape of a Mother” — there’s a book and a website, I think — maybe a blog. I’ve heard several people mention it, and I’ve seen several pictures. Basically, it’s REAL women and REAL pictures of REAL post-pregnancy bodies. You’ve got flab, you’ve got stretch marks (on breasts, bellies, thighs, arms, etc.), you’ve got the C-section “shelf” — all with no photo-editing, no pretense — just real. It might not make you feel “better” about your body, but it should help you feel more normal. πŸ™‚

  2. All of this is totally normal. Bo started lifting my shirt everywhere while I was pregnant and I was totally embarrassed. However, he didn’t seem to mind.

    We love the Belly Button book here too! πŸ™‚

  3. A loves b buttons too! She tries to look for mine at home but I haven’t dealt with it in public yet. I think these are their years to embarrass us and then we get our turn when they’re teens πŸ™‚

  4. This goes right up there with people rubbing your belly. ESPECIALLY when you’re still early in your pregnancy and they are just rubbing your fat.

    If makes you feel better but little brother was obsessed with boobs around 3. He’d point at them and say Boo (thankfully most people didn’t get this) but he’d lift up your shirt or put his hands down his shirt when he was close enough!!

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