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I KNEW something wasn’t right.

I just didn’t know what.

O hasn’t been himself for a while. At least a couple of weeks, I thought. Not sleeping. Not eating. Et cetera.

So when daycare called me yesterday to tell me that he was clingy and tired and fussy and had ANOTHER low grade fever… I decided to call his pediatrician.

And I felt really stupid about it. Because he’s had a low grade fever once a week or so. For what I thought was the past three weeks.

But aside from that? He hasn’t been acting SICK.

Just not HIMSELF.

And I didn’t want to be THAT mom – who brings her kid in with a cold and asks for antibiotics.

But it’s been long enough, and I didn’t think it could HURT.

So I called when he was taking his nap. And they told me to come in, just to be sure.

And he ate snacks and said “Hi!” multiple times to the Nurse Practicioner so that she would let him look at her computer.

And she didn’t hear anything in his lungs but sent us for an x-ray, just in case. Because they noted that he had a cough when he went to his 18 month well-baby appointment about a month ago. And it hadn’t really gone away since.

O ran around the waiting room for the x-ray like a kid possessed. He seemed completely over whatever it was that had bothered him that morning. And I felt so stupid for even being there – he was clearly fine.

Except he’s not.

He actually has pneumonia. In his upper right lobe.

From the quick googling I did, every sign seems to point to walking pneumonia, though it’s rare in toddlers. Maybe it’s viral.

But they gave us antibiotics for him.

And now we have a REASON for the night wakings. For the lack of eating. I KNEW something was off with him – I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

So now we know. And he’s on antibiotics. So hopefully, in a few days, he’ll be back to himself again.



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  1. Aww, poor guy! At least you know now – that helps!

  2. well, if it’s hard to diagnose in us as adults, imagine how hard it is to do it with kiddos. I’m just glad that the antibiotics will be in his system now and before you know it, he’ll be back to himself. HUGS all around.

  3. Poor, O! I hope those antibiotics kick in quickly and he is back to his normal self soon!

  4. Poor O. I hate going to the doctor and them telling me its nothing but I usually bring mine in when they are “off” and it is usually something. Moms know when their kiddos are not acting like themselves. Hopefully the antibiotices will kick in quickly and he’ll be back to himself in no time.

  5. Wow, that is crazy! Poor little O and good for you for trusting your gut! Hopefully you can all get some sleep now!

  6. Glad you got a diagnosis–hope he’s feeling better soon!

  7. Sooo glad they were able to figure out what was going on. You are such a good mommy listening to your instinct! Hope sleep and health return ASAP.

  8. Aww, poor O. Glad you were able to get a diagnosis and hopefully he can get back to his regular self soon 🙂

  9. Good for you for listening to your gut! I am so sorry re: the pneumonia.

  10. Poor O man!

    A mother’s gut is rarely wrong.

    Hope the antibiotics clear it up quickly.

  11. A fever once a week or so – how would you know that meant something? You wouldn’t want to be THAT mother who’s always in, and when it goes away and comes back and goes away, well how can you not just think it’s kid-stuff? Pneumonia? I’d never ever have guessed. Sux though.

  12. Oh no. I am so so glad that you took him to see his pediatrician. Sometimes I feel stupid and don’t want to call the doc. I usually call a million times and most of the times it turns out not to be anything , but sometimes it does. Lyla had a fever that came and went for 3 weeks. I took her 2 times to see her doc, and they said she was okay, but she was not acting okay, not eating, not sleeping, finally the third time they found out she had a strep throat, a very bad one requiring a very strong antibiotics. It is better to be safe than sorry. They cannot speak for themselves, we have to be their voices, try to interpret the little clues they give us, just like you did. I hope that he feels better soon and that his little lungs can get clear . how scary

  13. :big hugs:
    i’m glad you found the culprit. hope O is on the mend soon.
    be kind to yourself. you followed your instincts and that is the best thing you can do.

  14. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon!

  15. We had the same thing with Son last spring-a cough that would kick up at night, a little doggy, but that was it. Heck, the day before I took him in, he had spent the ENTIRE day outside with his grandpa traipsing all over. Cue the mommy guilt.

    On the upside, ours was viral as well, but the antibiotics gave him some sort of boost that allowed him to finally kick it. Hugs to you and O!

  16. Sorry you bugs sick…but very glad you trusted your guts!! Yay mom!!

  17. Oh, poor O! I hope he is better ASAP.

  18. Not glad that he’s sick, but so glad that you have an answer. I hope he’s better soon.

  19. get well soon, poor lamb! hugs

  20. It’s always good to have an answer. I’m sorry he has pneumonia and I know how worried you’ve been because my little guy worries the heck out of me too. He’s got snot and a cough right now, but isn’t feeling bad and I haven’t figured out if I need to do anything yet. It never ends, does it? I hope he’s feeling much better (or maybe already is) soon!

  21. You take good care of that little guy AND yourselves, OK???

    I’m sorry I’m getting to this late, but I’ve been thinking of you all and hoping that recovery is just around the corner.

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