Early Conversations.

November 13, 2009 at 12:50 pm | Posted in Mensa (aka: my kid's brilliant | 13 Comments

We’ve been trying to get O to say “all done!” when he’s done eating forever.

Instead of throwing his plate on the floor.

Or spitting his food out of his mouth (also onto the floor).

Because he knows the sign for all done.

One day, he’s wandering the room, eating puffs out of a plastic container.

He finishes them.

He walks over to me, turns the container upside down, and says:


(Apparently “all done” is too, well, ELEMENTARY for him.)


It’s morning. He’s laying on our changing pad and I’m changing him into his clothes.

He’s playing with his socks. He pulls apart the neat ball I’ve made to store them, drops one sock by his head.

When I ask him, “now where did your other sock go?”

He shrugs his shoulders, puts his hands wide, and says in a sing-song voice: “I dun-NO!”

When I laugh out loud, he spends the next five minutes saying “I dun-NO!”

Like he LOVES being the ham.


The sound “tr” comes out like a “K” or a “G.”

We’re walking the Mall in DC. There are people all around us. A bus passes.

O stops, turns, points, and yells: “BIIIG COCK!”

We’re quick to assure him that yes, it’s a big TRUCK.


In the stroller, after his nap. J is walking him to the Museum of Natural History.

O is yelling.


He’s so awesome.



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  1. I love the Truck story!! Very funny and adorable!!

    (Willow says “all done” and THEN throws it on the floor if you are not quick enough!)

  2. I have heard other people say that their kid’s version of Truck sounds like the f-bomb. I guess there are too many close alternatives that aren’t g-rated.

    I am SO ready for the throwing stuff to stop!

  3. That is hilarious! When Luke says “clock” it sounds like cock. I laugh every time.

  4. Yep, I look forward to how they are going to say lots of things. *BLUSHING* but it’s so much fun to see them work a word around in their mouth until it feels “right” and then say it with such vigor isn’t it????

    this post made me smile 🙂

  5. Yes, in the beginning my son’s Tr’s sounded like F’s! It has gotten better though. Oh, and shoe sounds just like shit!

  6. Ya our daughter use to go around squealing with delight when she saw the large ball mesh holder at Walmart “OOOOOOOooooh BALLS!!! BLUE balls!!” and my husband and I would giggle because we are sooo not old enough to have kids!!

  7. It just keeps getting better and better, no?

    O sounds just adorable!

  8. These are such awesome moments. Keep enjoying your happy happy happy boy!

  9. The early language development is such an interesting phase. Little O sounds very advanced! (And also very happy.)


  10. yes he is!

  11. Ah yes…vocabulary at its funniest! This is when you realize that you probably shouldn’t say “shit!” when you drop something.

  12. LOL T says Cock for truck too, and he learned booby (the bird) when in the Galapagos – a great combo.

  13. I’m begging you to get Big Cock on video for future blackmail!!!

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