(Re) Taking Control.

November 17, 2009 at 10:16 am | Posted in My life | 10 Comments

You know what sucks about getting older?

Not being able to eat what I want. When I want. In the quantities I want.


My 34th birthday is next Thursday.

And despite my best efforts – the running of the 5Ks this summer, the trying to eat healthy stuff instead of crap, but not really ACCOUNTING for everything that goes into my mouth – last week when I got on a scale I saw my “freakout” number.

Everyone has one of those. It’s the number where, when your weight gets close to it, makes you start changing things. You skip the after dinner ice cream. You have salads at lunch instead of the sandwiches.


I have seen that number MULTIPLE times over the past few months. And though I manage to eek my way down 5lbs every time, I go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

That number is a BAD one. It’s the number where I cross over the threshold from being “normal” into “overweight.”

And I went to a wedding two weekends ago where my control top pantyhose managed to meld my belly fat into a ball that resembled a very early pregnancy.

Trust me, walking around with a toddler clinging to you while sucking in your gut is NOT a fun way to spend a wedding.

And even worse?

I have BACK FAT, people.

So I decided that I am DONE with being unhappy with my weight. I’m tired of being embarrassed when I have to dress up. I’m tired of ALMOST fitting into clothes that are the size I used to be. I’m tired of disliking what I see when I look in a mirror.


I signed up for another three months on Weigh.t Wat.chers online.

I am hoping to lose 15lbs.

I NEED to lose 10.

I WANT to lose that additional 5 so that I’m not completely freaked about my natural progression of gaining/losing 5lbs.

So far I’ve lost 4lbs. I FEEL better already.

And. Inspired by my friend D, who just signed up for another half-marathon, I also signed up for a “Turkey Trot” next Thursday morning.

Because it’s my birthday.

And truly.

I can’t think of anything more empowering to do as I approach my mid thirties.

On my birthday this year, I’m making a pact with myself to focus on MY HEALTH.

Keeping my weight well into the “normal”range.

Committing to making sure that regular exercise is part of my life.

And that is the BEST birthday present I have given myself in years.



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  1. I always find it so empowering when I finally put my foot down and make the decision to lose weight and take care of my body. And good for you for being down 4lbs already.

  2. Yes, this is what triggered me to lose weight before IF. I went to get a new bra, and the size (to me) was GARGANTUAN. I literally laid on the floor at home afterwards, naked, in the fetal position. That night I peeled myself up off the floor and lost 30 pounds. Of course then I injected myself with god knows what for IF and now I’m back to where I started, albeit with more muscle. I’m with you girl. Sometimes it’s just that smack to the ass you need to get going.

  3. Happy Pretty Soon Birthday! Great committment to your health.

    I’m 33 on the 24th. :o)

  4. Good for you, Serenity!

  5. I think you have far more discipline than I, and I am duly very impressed.


  6. Oh boy, How I hate my back fat. good for you for taking control.You go girl! I will be 31 on the 20th.

  7. Hurrah for taking care of yourself! Great idea – I am forever sneaking junk food when PB’s not looking. I should stop, huh?


  8. Great goal! And definitely within reach!

  9. Yay for already being down 4 pounds! 🙂

    And for taking control….it’s hard. I’m proud of you!

  10. Good for you!!! And happy birthday early, too.

    I’ve noticed that it is very challenging to suck in one’s gut while holding an active baby or toddler. The “mom” stance is naturally a poochy one.

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