Sick Chronicles, Chapter MMXV.

December 9, 2009 at 10:29 am | Posted in allergies, Cheese with that whine? (aka rants) | 11 Comments

So last week we got The Call from daycare.

O was not really himself, and he had a very low grade fever.

Because he’s been sick since, well, SEPTEMBER, J called the pediatrician and scheduled a sick appointment for him.

Because, goddammit, we wanted ANSWERS.

Why is he sick ALL THE TIME?

Why did the allergist give us a prescription for a nebulizer with little to no explanation?

What are we doing WRONG?

What CAN we do to avoid these MONTHS of sick?

I told J I wanted to go to the appointment. And because J had taken the day off to go Christmas shopping, I’d leave work early and take O to the appointment and he could finish up his shopping.

When I woke O up from his nap to go to the doctors, he was flushed and a little out of it. But as he woke up more, he looked FINE.

His temp at the doctor’s office was 100.1 – BARELY a fever.

And when the pediatrician came in, I was honest. I told her how awful we feel that we can’t keep O well. I told her about the lack of the discussion I had with his allergist, how I had no answers, but that I was a little concerned about allergies.

But I didn’t want to be overreacting.

And I ended by telling her that I wanted her to tell me what she thought. That if I was overreacting and he’s going to have chronic colds from being a daycare kid, that’s fine. But I was sick and tired of WORRYING that we’re doing something wrong.

And she told me that it’s just hard to tell. This COULD be chronic colds. It COULD be allergies. But the reason why the allergist didn’t really embrace the idea of further testing was most likely because he’s just too young for definitive tests. AND – most times a kid has childhood allergies/asthma? They usually outgrow it by the time they’re school age.

She also told me that she thought the inhaler/nebulizer idea was not bad. Because if and when O wheezes, which isn’t often, we could use it with him and see if it helps.

No answers. And O is still sick. There’s nasty yellow shit dripping from his nose. He still has a cough, which is abating. But slowly.

And he’s not sleeping well – sleeping through the night, thankfully. But waking early and refusing to go back to sleep, despite the fact that I KNOW he’s tired.

And I’m still frustrated. And I have no answers. And I’m tired of feeling like I can’t take care of my kid.

I KNOW this isn’t my fault. I really do. I’m doing the best I can.

It doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating, though. Because, you know, it isn’t even technically WINTER yet.


Anyway. That’s the most current status of sick in the Serenity household. But stay tuned – because I’m SURE there will be more to report, oh, next week.



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  1. Believe me, I get you (says the mom who was out of work for two weeks straight last month because we all had swine flu … and who just took her daughter for tubes on Monday — for the SECOND time).

    It’s tough for sure.


  2. I hate to say it, but some babies are just “sick babies”. Michael was not as bad as O, but he was almost constantly drippy nose, throwing up, sick and then well, sick and then well, up until he was about 3. It is so frustrating! I hope he gets better soon and I hope that this winter is a no-sickness winter in your house!

  3. Poor O! My O has just recently gotten sick for the first time, and it just kills me–I hate that I cant do more for him.
    Hope that O feels better really soon and can kick it once and for all!

  4. As Delenn said, some kids really are just sick a lot. My brother was also one of them — stuffed up, constantly running nose, frequent bloody noses, coughing. They eventually took out his tonsils and adenoids, hoping it would help. And maybe it did, a little bit, but not much. In the end, he just outgrew it. I’m not sure for your sake and Os whether to hope that this turns out to be something O just outgrows or hope it’s something that can be diagnosed and fixed. Either way, I hope he is better soon.

  5. Could he be wheezing, etc., due to something he’s eating? With his reaction to eggs, I wonder if maybe he has another allergy that comes out in sinus/respiratory yuckiness (perhaps in combination with the season). It may be that he can handle a few things at once, but then something else (a kid’s virus) jumps on top and pushes him under. Diary is often a chief culprit in things like this, because it helps to generate mucus.

  6. I’m sorry he’s so sick and you don’t have any answers yet. Maybe a naturopath might have some other ideas?

  7. This must be so frustrating and distressing for you. I don’t have any suggestions, other than to echo other comments that some kids tend to be more sickly, and unfortunately a lot of allergy testing is more reliable in older children. : (

  8. I know the feeling. My kiddo seems to always have drainage once the weather gets a little hint of cold. He got tubes in his ears yesterday, which I’m hoping will help some, though I know you’ve done that too and are still struggling. It makes me feel helpless sometimes that I can’t keep my kid well. All I can hope is that he’ll have a really strong immune system one day because of this!

    I hope he feels better soon!

  9. will it help to hear that my kids are the same, but I’m not running to the dr? Probably not..mostly because I think I’m a crappy mom..LOL but the truth is, unless they can give them a decongestant INOT) or another antibiotic, which they probably don’t need, steam in the bathroom and a neb treatment about once a week is keeping the cough at bay. Both of mine wake up in the morning all drainage monsters. The coughs are awful..but no fevers and they are fine at daycare. I am just getting used to the fact that maybe they will be icky draining monsters until March but I know that doesn’t help us from feeling like…”why can’t I make this better and when are you going to stop sounding like a slee stack? ”

  10. This may sound crazy….but have you tried either replacing or washing your furnace filters? I was stunned at how less frequently my kids got sick when I started doing that every month.

    But, then again, we had one year where we literally had a kid sick from Halloween until Easter. No joke. We missed all the family holiday gatherings (though, that actually was a good thing;)

  11. Sorry for O!! Hey dose your allergist done a allergy testing for O, I think please go for allergy testing first, may be this could help you getting some answer, I have recently gone throuh many allergy related articles, and most of the articles are talking about allergy testing. This will help you!!


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