December 11, 2009 at 8:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

After all the craziness and stress of the week… I needed to post this.

Tonight, O and I read a book together after he was dressed in his pajamas. (He named every damn animal in this book he has, including an eagle.)

Since it was past his bedtime, when I shut off the light, he was content to just lay his head against my chest.

We rocked in the near-darkness for a few minutes, listening to the music of the local classical station.

And I realized they were playing Adagio for Strings.

The same Adagio for Strings which made me cry with longing when I was pregnant with him.

And all of a sudden I was crying. Again.

This time, it was in happiness.



Thank you, universe.



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  1. *tears*
    What a wonderful moment.

  2. Adagio for Strings is the most AMAZING piece of literature EVER written. EVER. Barber ROCKS! Glad to see someone else with great taste 🙂

  3. What did test show on O,? Bless his heart.

  4. Those moments are great. 🙂


  5. ****awwww****
    what a an amazing moment , what a wonderful memory you made!!!!

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