Sick Days. *With an update.

December 17, 2009 at 10:07 am | Posted in Sick Chronicles | 5 Comments

I was hoping that Monday’s trip to the pediatrician would have, you know, SOLVED things.

It hasn’t, not really.

We took O to school on Tuesday. Which, though they didn’t call us to pick him up, was probably the worst thing we could do.

He didn’t eat all day. He napped for an hour. He had a “good day” playing with his friends, but I could tell when I got home that he wasn’t himself.

Because when I got home that night, as soon as he saw me, he started crying and asked to be picked up. And he just snuggled in my arms.

We skipped bath that night. And he went right to sleep almost a full half hour than he normally does.

And he’s been home with me since then. Yesterday morning, when he woke up coughing, I decided to keep him home. We did 4 nebulizer treatments. I cooked him macaroni and cheese at 9am to induce him to have some breakfast. (It worked, actually. He ate a full bowl of it. And then another later.)


He’s getting WORSE, it seems. His breathing has gotten fast and shallow, as if he just finished a sprint.

This morning, from 4am to about 7:30 he alternately cried and slept on either J or me, until we were finally able to put him down.

My mommy instincts scream pneumonia. Even though he’s on antibiotics. Could be viral, given how congested he’s been for the past few weeks.

Could be something completely different.

Either way, the hardest thing I have EVER done was to walk out of the house, get into my car, and drive to work today.

J is home with him, and will take him to the pediatrician today – but it just felt WRONG somehow to leave him when he’s this sick.

I hate this. I hate feeling powerless, when all I want to do is help get my kid better.

And truthfully, I am really scared. That this is serious enough that we’re going to end up in the hospital. That I’m going to LOSE him to something I can’t fix.

(There. I said it out loud.)

We’ve been SO, well, OKAY with the sick, since O is chronically ill, it seems. I don’t often WORRY about him. I mean, sick is frustrating. But we can take him to the doctor, and they can make him better, and he always recovers.

But today?

I’m just really worried.


*Update* J called me when he got back from the pediatrician. Our pediatrician wasn’t in today, so he saw another doctor in the practice.

O’s lungs sound clear – nary a wheeze.

Given that he’s on all sorts of other medication, the only diagnosis the doctor could come up with was this.

Allergies. Upper respiratory allergies.

It’s this doctor’s idea that we put him on singul.air right now and see how that goes.

My initial response to this was “WTF?”

I mean, seriously. You come in and see my kid for like TWO MINUTES and all of a sudden you’re brilliant enough to diagnose him with allergies, when our, you know, ALLERGIST hasn’t said BOO about his cough being associated with allergies.

And of course J has been pushing HIS theory that O’s allergic to the cat. For MONTHS now, all I hear is “this seems like allergies.”


But. Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe this makes sense. He’s been sick since September, since we closed the windows for the season.

He was FINE in DC. It wasn’t until we got home that he had a runny nose.

This is a chronic cough, with some wheezing.

Yet he has good days at school.

So we’ll put him on the singu.lair now. And I am DAMN WELL calling his allergist to see what HE thinks of this whole thing. And then we’ll see how O does in Florida when we go there next Saturday. And if he does great, then not so great when he comes home? Then yeah, I’ll believe that he may be allergic to the cat.

And then we – no, make that *I* – am going to have to figure out how I’m going to come up with the mental fortitude to find another home for Puck. Because I couldn’t do it BEFORE, when he was peeing on our rugs.

But this means my kid’s HEALTH.




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  1. I hope the little guy is better soon.

  2. Poor O….it is scary to not be able to pin point exactly what it is. Thinking of all 3 of you

  3. Our Pedi told us to get rid of our cat at our son’s 12 month visit, because of allergies/asthma. So we sent her to the in-laws, where she is much happier.

  4. G*d, I know how bad it hurts to leave when your child is sick. It goes against everything engrained in our brains-nurture, nurture, nurture. Add on the guilt and it just sucks. But,S, I’m sure you aren’t going to lose him. It is taking too damn long for the doctors to figure out what is wrong, but I have faith they will!

    The cat allergy is interesting though. I have a friend whose son is on sing*ulair-they really haven’t pinpointed his specific allergy, but he does so much better on it.

    I’m thinking of you, J and O and hoping the sing*ulair gives him some much needed relief!

  5. good that his lungs sound good. crap that that crap continues. AAACCCHHHHHH!

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