A New Year.

January 4, 2010 at 11:42 am | Posted in Mensa (aka: my kid's brilliant, milestones, motherhood | 11 Comments

We had a fantastic, fantastic holiday. Within a week of starting yet another round of antibiotics, it was clear that O was MUCH better.

And as of today, I can say that O is healthy. Granted, it might not last all that long. But he’s healthy.

We also found out on Christmas Eve that my SIL, the one who’s been struggling with recurring m/c, is pregnant.

She was 11 weeks then, which is further than she’s made it through her last three pregnancies.

And then, my good friend S, with the Stage IV cancer, had a PET scan to see if her cancer had responded to the treatment.

On Christmas Eve, her oncologist confirmed that her PET scan was 100% CLEAR.

As in there is NO discernable sign of cancer in her body right now.

Her oncologist said that it was the best news possible and very unexpected.

She’s going to finish out her chemo and then go in for regular monitoring.

But otherwise? She gets her life back.

And for us, we’re… well… GOOD. J and I had a couple of good long conversations about the state of our marriage over the break. Because it’s EASY to disengage from each other when there’s so much else going on.

And one night I realized that I would rather play mindless computer games than actually TALK with him.

Houston, we have a problem.

So for 2010 we’re resolving to be better about treating each other like PEOPLE, not tasks. We’re communicating more. We’re telling each other WHY we love them.

And it’s helped us so much already. I’m starting to see the man I married, not the stressed out “holy-shit-my-to-do-list-is-HUGE” man that he’s been the past few months. And I like to think that he feels the same too.

And O?

Well. He’s just AWESOME.

He is really TALKING now. Putting sentences together.

Singing to his favorite songs – I have recorded a mostly-intelligible video of “Bingo” where he sings “B-I-D-O! B-I-D-O! B-I-D-O… BEEEGO!”

I’m amazed at the words he knows. Verbs are his new obsession, as well as prepositions. He spends time saying “up… DOWN!” and “In…. OUT!”

And every time we cook, he says “I watch. I cook. I help.”

He’s definitely a talker – as soon as he’s up in the morning, we hear him chattering away on the monitor. He talks to his puppy. And Grover. And talks and talks and talks.

He knows that a garbage truck is different than a dump truck. Which is also different than a cement truck. He knows the difference between a bulldozer and a tractor.

He counts. He counts EVERYTHING. Granted, when he counts to 10 he always skips 7 and 8. But dude. My KID IS COUNTING.

And I have to say. The communication thing, by far, is my favorite part of toddlerhood thus far.

I’ve been talking to him since he was an infant. I’ve been made to feel ridiculous by some people for not speaking “baby talk” to him. I’ve seen people look at me funny in the grocery store when they’ve seen me monologuing to the infant seat while I shop.

To see him learning words at the speed of light… to have real CONVERSATIONS with him? It’s just SO gratifying.

So far, anyway, 2010 is shaping up to be a good year.

And I have a feeling that there’s just so much more fun to come.



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  1. Awesome news about your friend!!!

    Yeah, D. and I need to work on our relationship, too. There’s too much snipping — and then silence — going on around here. I’m going to try to have more physical contact with him. I’m just so touched out all day long, with I & N, that I kind of withdraw once the girls are finally in bed.

  2. Yay for all the great news! I’ve missed you this week. Hope 2010 continues to be awesome!

    I had a similar experience this weekend when I stayed home all weekend with my son and realized it wasn’t boring like it used to be – it was fun. Being able to communicate is great.

    P.S. Near us there is a festival each year where they bring out all types of trucks and litlte boys (and girls) can play on them. We’re south of Boston, so it may be a little far for you, though.

  3. Great news about your friend. Go2010!

  4. Wonderful update on all fronts!! Happy New Year!!

  5. Great to hear! Enjoy that little one.

  6. Wow, what great news about S!! Looking forward to more updates on all fronts this year. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time with O. Happy 2010!

  7. wow, I am so glad to hear about your SIL and your friend, I will keep both of them in my prayers..but WOW what fantastic news…

    and O sounds amazing. I say all the time, that I never expect anything from their little minds and mouths and then they say something and I’m just blown away.
    I know 2010 is going to be a fantastic year for all of you.

  8. What WONDERFUL news to start the new year off!

    I can’t wait to see all that 2010 brings you!

  9. Great all around, particularly about S and you and J connecting more.

    And like you, I talked to Toddler L pretty much from birth, and like O, Toddler L talks up a storm. It only gets better!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, too!

  10. Keep talking to O! I did the same thing, and got the same looks from people that thought I should be babbling instead of talking.

    I like to take some credit for the fact that all my boys are curious about the world, and all have outstanding GPA’s in school. Not to mention being able to converse intelligently with people in society.

    Pat yourself on the back, and keep talking 🙂

    (and it just gets better and better:)

  11. Yes, I’ve had those looks, too!

    Sounds like the year is off to a great start!


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