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I often hesitate to talk about O’s personality on this blog; mostly because I’m worried about painting him into a self-fulfilling corner. (For example, if I say that he’s shy, I will avoid social encounters and therefore he WILL grow up to be shy.) Part of what I love about being his mom is that I get to observe and WATCH his whole personality develop and change over time. I’d hate to paint him as something *I* want him to be, not who HE is, if that makes any sense.

But the one thing I CAN say about O is that he’s a chatterbox. From the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep, he’s talking, talking, talking. And when he doesn’t know the words to something, he’ll chatter away in gobbledegook anyway – even now that he knows words. There are kids who won’t say a word until they have it perfect, and there are kids who don’t seem to care that they can’t say it right – they’re practicing the modulation of conversation.

My O is the latter.

And as his enunciation gets better on some of the things he CAN say, I find myself wishing that I had record of some of his cuter wrong pronounciations.

So here are some of the things he’ll say that make me giggle.

Truck is still “guck” or “cuck.”

Elephant is “EP-etant!”

Octopus is “OP-etus!”

Pepperoni is “peppa-MONY!”

Remote is “meer-mote.”

Yummy is “nommy!”

Pretty is “pity.”

Light is “Wiiiight.”

Button is “But-tah.”

He says “Happy NEW year.” Just like that. Emphasis on NEW.

And nowadays, whenever he does something new, he’ll breathe, “COOOOOOOL.” (Another one of my catchphrases, I suppose.)

He sings to songs in the car. Bingo is “Bee! AY EEAH! Bee! AY-EEAH! BEE- AY EEAH… BEEGO!”

He also sings Ring a Round the Rosie. Except when it comes to “Ashes, ashes… we all fall down!” He’ll sing “All done, all done, ALL FALL DOWN!”

Which, of course, sounds like “ahh FAH DUN!”

And the cutest thing he does now is stand in his crib in the morning, when I come in, and he’ll say, “Ready… Set… GO!!!!” and fall face forward on his bears. Or puppy. Or monkey.

I cannot tell you all how much I LOVE this age. He surprises me EVERY DAY with what he knows.

And I put this out there all the time, but there isn’t a day where I don’t FEEL this way. We’re SO lucky to have him. He’s such an amazing little soul, and every day I wake up thankful that I get to spend time helping him turn into the man he’ll be some day.



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  1. O’s adorable, that’s for sure! It was fun to hear him chatting away today. Hope to meet up again soon.

  2. It’s definitely fun to watch the language develop.


  3. O is just too cute! I think mine is going to be a chatterbox too, he hasn’t stopped cooing and discovering new sounds for the last week.
    Have fun!

  4. Definitely a post you should continue to update in the coming months! 🙂


  5. I took our small digital camera that has a video feature and caught all of the cute words our little one was saying….then created a little video via the computer (Windows Movie Maker is what I used). Now I can listen to them as time goes on! I know EXACTLY what you mean about wanting to capture it! This age is WONDERFUL! Glad you are enjoying it, too 🙂

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