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My last race was in September, when my good friend D came up to visit and I managed to hoodwink her into running a 5k.

And that race wasn’t my best, not by a longshot. Though I finished officially at 32:47, it was a TOUGH one for me. I walked a lot more than I should have. I didn’t eat enough before the run, so I was tired and sluggish and pretty much just wanted to quit.

I hadn’t run a race since.

Until yesterday.

Mind you, thus far training for my half marathon is going pretty well. I have days that are really HARD. But I also have days where, as I’m running, I can see how people get ADDICTED to things.

Anyway. My long runs are between 6 and 8 miles now, so I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for a 10k, just to see how my training has been progressing.

And going into it, though D told me that she bet I’d break an hour for my overall time, I had NO expectations. I figured I’d be okay with just over an hour. I just wanted to see how I could do.

And the first 5k was AWESOME. I felt great. I ran the entire time, slower than I would have otherwise because I knew I had another loop to do. But I felt like I could have gone forever.

And I did that first 5k in 28:58.

(For those of you following along, that’s nearly 4 minutes quicker than September’s race.)

The last half of the race was tougher, I ended up walking a few more times than I would have liked.

But I crossed the finish line with a time BEFORE one hour.

My official race time was 59:13. For 6.2 miles.

Which works out to be a MINUTE PER MILE faster than I usually train.

I’m happy with it.


I mean, for me, the pace is SO much better than I’ve been doing. And I AM happy with the improvement.

But see. I ran the race with two other girls. And one of the girls is also training for a half marathon in May.

But she runs a treadmill. Because I “am crazy for running outside in the cold.”

And it’s been my mantra that running a treadmill isn’t the same as being outside, that my insistence on doing the outdoor thing is what’s going to make me faster and better.

It’s what gets me out the door at 5am when it’s 10 degrees out, most weekday morning.

Damned if Treadmill Girl didn’t finish the 10k in 56 minutes. And ran the entire time, whereas in the last mile I walked FAR more than I had intended.

And I mean, 3 minutes better than my time? It’s no big DEAL, not really.

I AM happy with my race. It’s much improved for ME. And given that even 10 years ago, I was a 12 minute-mile runner, 9:36 is something to be PROUD of.

But now it’s gotten me all COMPETITIVE. I want to keep shaving minutes off my time.

I want to get faster and run longer.

Well. Faster than Treadmill Girl, anyway.

I always do this. I get into a hobby, and then I really want MASTER it. Like I have to WORK at it to prove that I can be GOOD at it. Or something.

I LOVE running. If it were a person, I’d want to marry it and have its babies. On my off days, my rest days, I get grumpy. I love the way I feel after a run, sometimes DURING a run, the Zen it gives me.

And I suppose I just want to be good at it, too.



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  1. At least you’ve destroyed what I’ve done in races. So there’s at least one person out there that you’re way faster than.

    Always remember that the only person you’re competing with here is you. That’s the one that really matters, at least.

  2. Run Serenity RUN!!!!!! I am so proud of you

  3. No matter what spin you put on this–you are still Awesome! Run, Serenity, Run!

  4. Way to go!!

  5. You are FANTASTIC!! I’m proud of you. I knew you would rock your next race!

    Did you always feel this way about running?

  6. For the half, you’ll do better – I’d bet money on it. Not because you get competitive, but because you’re used to the ups and downs of outside, the weather impacts, etc. She won’t be, so it’ll be harder. Oh yea, kick Treadmill Girl’s butt!

  7. I totally have a love-hate relationship with running. The thought of dragging myself out of bed in the morning, or down to the gym after working 12 hours is brutal. I hate it. But as soon as I do it, it’s SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!

    Under an hour for a 10K is an awesome time. I always struggle with getting my time under an hour.

    Now you have ME thinking about doing a half marathon one of these days…

  8. AWESOME!!! Frankly, it sounds like you’re VERY good at running 🙂

  9. wow, amazing!!! Congratulatiosn!!! I hate things like that…so you’re my hero with it. I think you’re absolutely incredible at running. YOU GO GIRL!

  10. Go you! I am not a distance runner at all. I run a fast 1.5 miles on the treadmill, and D., who ran cross country in high school, is always telling me that I should run outside for conditioning and trash-talking the treadmill. : P I agree with Chicklet — you’ll do better over the half-marathon. Or if you don’t have a better time than this woman, at least you’ll be better prepared. Running outdoors in a northeastern winter? That’s hard core.

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