Wordful Wednesday.

February 17, 2010 at 6:40 am | Posted in motherhood, My life | 3 Comments

I didn’t realize that my work computer didn’t have place for me to put my memory card from my camera.

And I didn’t bring the USB connector to my new camera – just assumed I could use the memory card.


So I can’t share some of the pictures I’ve taken.

I promise I will share with you my Karneval and Amsterdam pictures this weekend when I’m home!


I tried a new strategy last night – stayed up later last night, until almost midnight my time – working on my CPEs in order to renew my CPA license this coming June.

I slept MUCH better – didn’t wake up until 4:30am.

I did have some seriously weird dreams; one where I arrived home to find J hosting a HUGE party at our house. Where when I asked him why he didn’t tell me about it, he told me that I wouldn’t have been okay with it, that all I am is a nagging wife and he never gets to live it up.

And my wakeup call startled me out of a dream where I was at a rally for a Massachusetts politician where his aides were throwing cake at us.

Odd dreams, indeed.


Travelling to a foreign country is a humbling experience for me. I find myself speaking out loud a LOT less; and I’m almost shamed by my inability to speak the native language of whatever country I am visiting.

For the most part, the Germans here have been wonderful. At the hotel, in bars, etc, everyone has been friendly and obliging in switching to English immediately when it’s clear we can’t speak the language.

I always feel badly about it, though.


J emailed me yesterday to tell me that O is asking about me. Says that every morning he asks hopefully “Mommy here?”

On the advice of the Positive Discipline book*, we started this new routine at night where, when we rock for a bit before bed, we tell O one thing that made us happy (like: “I was proud of you when you showed your teacher how you can put on your coat!”), and we ask him about what his favorite part of his day was.

And J says that for the past two nights, O has said “Mommy drive car. Tunnel. Mommy on plane.”

Which breaks my heart, just a little bit. I feel badly that he’s missing me; it was easier to deal with my own homseickness when I thought that he was blissfully unaware that I was gone.

But it gives me a little hope, too, that when he sees me in the airport on Friday, he’ll be excited to see me. When really I’ve been mentally bracing myself for the cold shoulder, since I know that toddlers get used to the usual routine and I haven’t been a part of that all week.

Either way?

Only two more sleeps until I go home.


* Which, as an aside, was where I had the idea for the “Mad Spot.” The book actually talks about having a safe spot for your child to go when he or she is overwhelmed and needs to feel better. It’s a little bit of a different take on a “Time Out,” but the same concept – where your child can remove him/herself from the situation that’s making him/her upset and calm down.

We modified it to the “Mad Place” when we noticed that O would go to the same location where we taught him how to stamp his foot, and that it worked just as well to laugh himself out of his temper tantrums.



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  1. Sorry you’re missing your guys. I bet you are all going to have an extra-fun weekend together when you get home!

  2. I’ll tell you what. Right now? Hearing my daughter yell “Mommy!” when she sees me after a day of work makes every minute of the crap from the past 9 hours disappear.

    Make sure someone has a camera ready for when you and O lay eyes on each other for the first time after your trip.

  3. I went on a long trip for work last Octber, I missed her so much,I had all these plans to sleep in but I also could not sleep missing her… when I got home Lyla did not even want to come to me, I was so insulted. Can;t wai to see pics of your trip. Try to have some fun and sleep

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