A Birthday Letter.

March 16, 2010 at 6:00 am | Posted in Birthdays (Years in Review) | 21 Comments

My wonderful, amazing O:

Tomorrow morning, you’re going to wake up like you do every day. You’re going to chat with Bear, Puppy, Monkey, and Maisy. You’ll hang out with them until I come into your room. Then you’ll show me how you can “bouncy BOUNCY!” in your crib. And I’ll have to coax you out of bed with promises of your gummy vitamin.

But tomorrow will be different.


Because yomorrow you’re going to be two years old.


I confess I hate writing things about you on the computer because I’d rather observe your personality develop organically. I really don’t want to write something down, think it’s true, then treat you differently because of it.

But I also can’t believe it’s been two years already. And I want to remember every moment, and I want you to know how much you surprise your Daddy and I with the things you’re doing and saying.

Right now? You LOVE books. In the time between when you’ve eaten breakfast and we leave for school in the morning, you easily find me 10 different times and order me to “read THIS!”

And when I sit down on the floor, with my legs crossed, you plop right down into the nest of lap and wait expectantly, for me to start reading.

You have three favorite books right now. Green Eggs and Ham, where you delight in filling in the sentences when we pause. And you giggle EVERY TIME we get to the page where he is about to try the green eggs and ham. You think he makes a really funny face. (He does. Mommy giggles too!)

Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, where you are REALLY good at finding the little Goldbug which the author hides on every page. You’re amazing at it, actually – within a second of turning the page, you point out Goldbug and name the car he’s in. You have an excellent memory, better than Mommy’s for sure. (I am VERY thankful for that.)

Are You My Mother? You love to ‘read’ this book out loud when I am changing your diaper. You know the plot on every page, and I LOVE to hear you telling me what’s happening.

Even better, right now you know almost all your letters and numbers. I have to admit it scared me, a little, to see how quickly you learned them, but you take such PRIDE in pointing them out and telling us what they are that it’s hard not to get swept up in teaching you more letters. Your favorite letters right now are M for Mommy, D for Daddy, and P for Puck. And you LOVE the number seventeen and nineteen. Whenever you use the ear thermometer to take your temperature (yourself, of course, you won’t even allow Mommy to TRY and do it – you say “MINE!”), you proudly exclaim “NINETEEN!”

And I LOVE how you bring magnet letter P from the refrigerator over to Puck, and always seem upset that he won’t take it from you like we do.

You are also very gentle with Puck. Even from when you were a baby, you seemed to have this innate knowledge that you have to be gentle in petting him. And lately? You LOVE to give him his treats, though you do get a little upset if he comes near YOUR snacks. I have to confess that I laugh just a little when I see you take your cookies and tell him “MY cookies, kitty!”

You are SUCH a good helper in the kitchen, too. You love to carry the milk container for Mommy and Daddy’s coffee to and from the refrigerator, and now get upset with us if we don’t ask for your help when we’re making our morning coffee. You also put your plate and spoon or fork up on the counter whenever you’re done with your meal, often without being asked.

And when you want something and I give it to you, you almost always say “thank you, Mommy!” We’re still working on using the word please, mostly because Daddy and I also don’t say please as often as we should.

Your favorite foods are cheese, pasta, cheese, macaroni and cheese, and, oh, cheese.

You tend to be picky with your food choices, but lately you’ve been giving new foods a try by putting it up to your mouth and licking it. Sometimes you surprise us and want to eat a lot of something new, like the time we had you try our thai noodle curry. (Seriously, thai CURRY?) Other times you won’t even bother THINKING about eating it.

And dinnertime, for you, usually lasts for maybe 10, 15 minutes at most. Then you want to get down and play. And, oh yes, press buttons. And read.

I love watching you as the whirling dervish you are. Your Daddy and I sometimes call you our little Force of Nature. Because literally, you leave destruction in your path. Toys, books, paper, tissues – all of it. Luckily you love to help clean up, and your daycare teachers tell us that you’re the most consistent at helping clean up every day.

I have such a hard time believing it’s already been two years since you were born. In some respects, I miss the tiny little baby you used to be. I forget what it was like when you were so tiny you fit in the crook of my arm, how little and lilting your cry used to be.

But I wouldn’t trade where we are now for all the gold in the world. I LOVE watching you learn new things, and experience the world. I love that we still have snuggle time, where you rest your head against my chest as we rock in the chair. I love how you sigh “Mommy!” in the mornings when I come into your room.

My life has forever changed because of my love for you, and I wish I had the words to tell you just how much I love you and how thankful I am that you’re in my life.

So happy second birthday.

And your Daddy and I love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars.

Love and kisses and hugs,
your mom



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  1. wow, so beautiful, what a loving mom you are . save this letter Serenity, he will love to read it when he grows up. Happy Second birthday O, you are very special

  2. Happy Birthday O!!

  3. I really can’t believe he is 2 already , but what an incredible little boy he is growing into hmmm? I love the way you write about him with love and attention to detail, with pride and with awe in him and the pure wonderfulness of him.

    Happy Birthday O…you are a dream come true, not only for your mommy and daddy, but for your very happy Aunties out here in blogland.

    have a great birthday sweet boy!!!!

  4. Beautiful letter. I was just feeling frustrated with how my cute baby is starting to act like a toddler, and reading your letter reminded me how awesome it is to see him learning new things and yet still be a cuddly boy who loves his mommy. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

    It seems like just yesterday I was eagerly checking your blog for updates that he’d been born. Happy Birthday O!

  5. Happy Birthday, O!

    And congratulations to you, Serenity – for making it here, for being his mama, and for loving all of it so much.

  6. That made me cry. (In a good way)

    Happy Birthday, O. You have such a wonderful mother!

    (And now I have to dig around for our copy of Green Eggs and Ham…)

  7. What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday gorgeous O! xx

  8. Happy birthday to O-man, happy birthday to yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou! May your day be filled with cake and balloons and much happiness.

    To his mommy–

    I remember back when he was still just a wish in your heart. Back when you had the septum, back when you were an axe murderer waiting to do me in at a Thai restaurant, back when you were so frustrated and sad. I wanted to remind you that while there was a lot of suckage back then (especially the fact that you were an axe murderer), you made it through with yourself intact–with grace. And if you choose to do it again, one day, that try will be resolved too one way or another, and I will be writing this note about how you entered with even more tools in your belt (endurance, knowledge, extra love) and you made it through again. Remember that on his birthday too, Ms. Marathon Runner.

  9. Happy Birthday, O!! I can not believe our boys are 2 years old! This time has flown by as I’m sure the next 16 will also.Oh, and great taste in books, O, Are You My Mother was always one of my favorites!

    Also, congrats on the 2 year anniversary of becoming a mother. These past 2 years have been such a time of growth and learning. I’m so glad that we’ve been able to embark on this journey at the same time after embarking on the quest to get here together for so long!

  10. Happy birthday to O!

    I love snapshots of where kids are, not because it labels them or limits them to what is captured at that moment, but because it helps you see how far they’ve come the next time you assess. 🙂

  11. Aww, what a great letter! Happy Birthday Toddler O!!

  12. Gorgeous letter for a beautiful boy. Happy b-day O!

  13. Happy birthday to O, and congrats all around! : D

    And I cannot WAIT to look for Goldbug with I & N. One of my favorite childhood memories…

  14. Happy, happy birthday, dear O! I hope you’re having a lovely, lovely day. I am so glad you’re here, and so thrilled you’re as much of a Goldbug fan as my Banana.

    Dear Serenity, how far we have come, eh? Wish I could hand you a Kleenex — or 50 — on this big day.

  15. Happy Birthday, O!! It’s easy for us to see you are your Momma’s heart. I am sure someday, you will see that, too.

  16. Happy Birthday dear O, I hope it is a wonderful day full of books and petting kitties and eating cookies and creating a mess and cleaning it up again. Have fun.

  17. Happy birthday O! And happy birth-day to you Serenity.
    It continues to amaze me how time flies.

  18. Happy Birthday O! And a beautiful post Serenity.

  19. A belated happy birthday to O, and what a touching letter. I feel like I know O from how you write about him.

  20. That’s a great letter. (I nearly wrote “email”… guess I’m a 21st century gal.) O is so clever! I think you can be pleased with “thankyou” – we have just cracked “please” but no “thankyou” yet. Happy birthday O!


  21. Awww how can O be 2 already? Wasn’t he only just born? I’m SURE he was. Happy birthday O!

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