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There are changes afoot, yet again, at chez Serenity.

First is the blog template. I’ve been in a good place for a while, and I wanted to showcase that. I love how soothing and cooling the blue background is.

And I also wanted to include BOTH of my boys, too. Because I’ve spent time and effort on focusing on my marriage, lately, too – not just focusing on my son.

So this is the new look of my space. What do you think?


Thanks to everyone who commented on my last binky post.

I do want to caveat that there was no judgment inherent in my post there. If bink usage works for your family with your older toddler, I certainly have no deigns on convincing you otherwise.

But for our family, I want to be done with the bink.


Because I hate having to remember to pack it. Because I hate hearing him talk with a bink in his mouth.

Because I know that we’re swifly moving toward some life changing things for O – a big boy bed, using the potty. We’re talking about cycling again this coming fall, and if I do manage to defy odds and fall pregnant, then O will become a big brother.

And so I’d like to get off the bink NOW so that he’s not four and still using it.

Even better, he’s been napping at daycare without it. He hasn’t even asked for it once.

So we’ve told him this week that on Saturday, we’re going to gather up his binks in a bag. And then we are going to take those binks and go out, he and I. And we’re going to trade them in for a big boy toy.

I’m going to take him here and build him whichever stuffed animal he chooses. And before they sew his new stuffed animal up, we’ll have him take his favorite blue bink and put it in his new friend.

And then we’ll be done with them.

I expect a rough few days. I know J and I are going to have to tell him that we know he misses his bink. I expect that even hugs and kisses from his Bear and his new big boy stuffed animal might not make it all better.

But it’s time.

Because I’m sick of worrying when I’m going to do this.

I can justify a million different ways why we should wait.

But you know something? Regardless of the WHEN we try and wean him – now versus 2.5 versus 2.75 versus 3 years? – it’s an abitrary date. If it were me, I wouldn’t give up the comfort of a bink unless I was forced into it. In fact, I DIDN’T give it up – I sucked my thumb for a LONG TIME.

So this is as good a weekend as any to do it.



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  1. I love your new blog header!

    I hear you on the bink. We have an extra challenge here because I think one boy is ready to give it up, but not the other! What to do?!

    I’m so glad to hear how well things are going for you and your family. You deserve all of it!!!

  2. LOVE THE NEW HEADER.. so cute. What a great idea to put the paci inside the bear! Have a nice weekend

  3. love your new header and the whole page…it’s so Pretty and serene.

    good luck this weekend…I bet he does better than you expect. 🙂

  4. I love the new header and I love the idea of putting the bink in the bear. Can’t wait to meet his new friend.

  5. Love the new blog design! That header is perfect! About the bink, what I had heard from just about EVERYONE before we debinked Sean was that it takes anywhere from a couple nights to two weeks. It was about 9-10 nights with Sean. And actually, only the first two nights were actually what I would consider “rough.” From there on out, it was more about him trying to re-learn how to soothe himself to sleep without his “plug,” so he’d lay in his bed and talk/sing/play, etc… but he’d be awake for a good 60-90 minutes past his bedtime. He wasn’t unhappy so we just left him alone. Eventually, after about a week & a half, he just figured it out and the bedtime routine was officially paci-less and he fell asleep like normal.

  6. I too love the new look!

    It’s always tough to make the bigger transitions, binkless, cribless, bottless…

    I wish you all the luck in the world, but hoping you won’t need it! 🙂

  7. Loving the new look!
    Good luck this weekend, you have done well in preparing him. I really like the bink in the bear idea. Although, let’s hope he doesn’t shove the bear at you and cry out,”B?! B?!”. Because your kid is that smart 🙂

  8. The new look is lovely! Good Luck with the bink!

  9. I was sad to get her to give up the bink-but so, so happy. I too grew weary of the whole thing. Cate now knows that it’s for “babies” and not little girls.

  10. I LOVE what you’ve done to the place. So tranquil and … serene!

    That is the best idea, to put a bink (I call them dummies) … inside a bear. I’m totally going to do it to, except I won’t show Rocco. If I did I would walk into his bedroom one morning and there would be bear guts everywhere and he would be sucking on a dum. AGAIN.

    Serenity, I am a long time lurker of yours. I don’t often comment, but never skip a post. Baby O is a little bit older then Rocco. I would often read your blog and get a taste of what things “should” have been like with Rocco as a baby, but it was too tricky and hard for me at that time. So thank you, for sharing your wonderful stories and your wonderful son. He really is gorgeous.


  11. Love the new header. I also love your idea with the build a bear animal.

  12. Like the new look…it is clean and simple and pleasing to the eye and I think the header subtly shows the new space you are in.

    We never did the pacifier thing (my son is a thumb sucker instead so not sure how the weaning of that will work just yet…can just give a thumb to the thumb fairy, you know?) but I wish you luck with the weaning. Often times I think these transitions are harder on the parents to figure out than for the child to work through.

  13. I like it a lot!

    Good luck with your plan.


  14. Good luck. We keep talking about getting rid of it – I want to get rid of it. But we simply haven’t made the commitment. I’ve thought of doing all the ideas listed, but then I cave.

    Anyway, again, I hope it went okay. I understand wanting to get rid of it.

  15. I like the new look. It looks like you’ve *found* Serenity now, with the beach and all, rather than the “I want Serenity, and I want it Now!” thing you had at the beginning. Plus it’s beautiful.

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