O-isms. Part II.

April 29, 2010 at 10:46 am | Posted in Mensa (aka: my kid's brilliant, milestones, motherhood | 4 Comments

O is now talking in real sentences.

Simple ones of course. But everything he says now comes complete with noun, verb, and pronoun.

“I play with Bear.”

“I drop spoon.”

The verb currently most fashionable?


It never fails to crack me up when he says urgently, “I NEED a CD!” or “I NEED monkey!”

Also in fashion is the phrase: “What HAPPENED?” Which is usually tacked onto an “uh oh!” And again, I have a hard time NOT giggling when he says it.

Most remarkable is how Bear has become his best friend. Whereas before Bear seemed to be there for just comfort, now O has now been sharing things with Bear.

For example, in the car, he’ll hold Bear up and announce “Bear’s turn to see big trucks.”

Or he’ll tell me “Bear crying. Bear fall down and bang his head.” And we’ll rush to get “ice” for him (a deep blue washcloth) which O will then apply to Bear’s head, clucking sympathetically the whole time. “Poor Bear. I kiss Bear. I hug Bear.”

And when he’s eating, he wants Bear sitting right next to him. Every once in a while, he’ll say “Hi Bear!!! I eating dinner!”

And when I sing my silly made up songs to O, he’ll insist that I make up a song about Bear, too. (Which I do. I LOVE making up songs.)

I have to say. After months of watching O stomp on Bear and throw Bear and stand on Bear and drag Bear through the sandbox, it’s really nice to see O being nurturing to his best friend.

And it helps me, too, with the toddler stuff, to use Bear. I’ll ask Bear if he needs a new diaper now, when really it’s O that’s stinky. Or I’ll ask O if he can have Bear put away his toys. Or if Bear is ready to get HIS pajamas on.

I keep thinking it can’t get any better, really. But it DOES.

Every day, it’s getting better and better.



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  1. I know isn’t great..to hear them making Sense ..finally?

    I love his isms.
    My kids have their own, they love to say “Garbage Truck” and this morning it was in front of the car in front of us..Gio says “Daddy , see Big Garbage Truck..not green, BLUE” and danggonnit it was …

    they talk to me and repeat everything and I know that it’s time for me to stop saying some things, because they will throw it back at me for sure.

    You’re right, it just gets better and better. I feel so blessed and happy to watch them grow and turn into little people.

  2. By far one of the more fun milestones 🙂
    my favorite part was when K started to show Monkey things at the store. ‘Look Monkey, it’s a toy!’.

  3. So true. As they grow they just get cuter!

  4. I like your tactic of “using” Bear! Very clever.
    I had to laugh at the use of “NEED”. Sacha is fond of hading me random items in the grocery store and saying “Mommy buy THIS!”. This is such an awesome stage!

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