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May 26, 2010 at 10:46 am | Posted in And I ran (I ran so far away) | 6 Comments

A post that doesn’t deal with Suck.

I was thinking yesterday during my run that right now the best part of my weeks are the mornings where I run.

I LOVE my new Garmin. I love it more than I’ve loved any gadget EVER.

I need that immediate feedback from the heart rate monitor. I now have DATA. For example, I know that my heart rate when I run is, on average, is between 165 and 170.

And I now know that I get too tired and need to rest when I get to about 175.

And I know based on my research that this is higher than most women. I just have a higher resting heart rate than what they say the “average” person does.

The thing about this knowledge? I know at ANY GIVEN POINT now if I’m pushing too hard. If I get up into the low 170s, I know I need to slow down my pace enough to get my heart rate back into the upper 160s.

And if I have to walk? It takes me significantly less time to get my heart rate down than it did before now.

So I am FINALLY running longer. And in the past week, have started increasing my pace while focusing on keeping my heart rate in the same zone I had a couple weeks ago.

Which has resulted in a significant increase in fitness. I have run a 5 mile run in 45:41 and 45:43 the past two times I’ve done it. And I can FEEL my muscles working more.

And even better – it tells me my EXACT distance from where I started. So it means I’ve had to tack on another 1/4 mile onto the run which before now I had thought was 5.3 miles. Because the GPS calculates the distance based on my route.

It’s so awesome.

I LOVE running.

Even better, though, I love that I can get better at it with something as simple (though yeah, expensive) as getting a GPS with a Heart Rate monitor.

I love that I feel like I’m ACCOMPLISHING something each morning I run.

I love how strong I feel.

I love that O knows that I’m a runner. Because when I come home, he meets me at the door and says “Mommy running!”

Sometimes I wish I had figured this out sooner. Because I have to think that running would have helped me cope better when we were in the thick of treatments.

But no matter. I’m doing it now.

And I love it.



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  1. Love this post!!!
    I will also say I love my watch with lap counter and chrono. It rocks.

  2. my AMAZING , RUNNING friend. I love how happy, content and fufilled you sound. RUN INDEED!!!!! 🙂

  3. That’s so great! And damn!!! I have piss-poor endurance, but I’m very proud of having shaved my mile down 4.5 minutes (now running just over an 8-min mile). I keep whittling it down. A quicker mile means a longer shower while the girls are watching an episode of Blue’s Clues. And I like running faster; it does good things for my backside. : )

  4. Great post. I am jealous of your Garmin. I have the Nike Sportsband, and I can’t calibrate the damn thing to save my life.

    Viva la’ run. When is your first 5K?

    PS: Thanks for visiting my blog the other day!

  5. We have totally the same high heart rates – mine’s crazy high too, but I feel fine there so I don’t worry. And man alive I need the relaxin out of my sore knees so I can get my running mojo back… you’re totally inspiring!!

  6. Sounds like a cool gadget. Almost enough to get me interested in running… nah… but it does sound cool!


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