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My friend D can tell you, I’m sure, that I have been repeating the same thing over and over for the past month or so.

Every night when I come home from work, I search O’s face for some sign of the baby he used to be.

It’s gone.

There’s no baby left in him.

And I will admit, there are some moments where that knowledge is bittersweet. The time is just going by so damn fast.

But right now? It is incredibly gratifying to be his mother.

He’s speaking in full sentences, and spends time at night when we’re getting ready for bed telling us about his day. He tells us about the buggy walks, the cement truck he saw, the basketball game that he played with his friends at school.

He picks his breakfast right out of the refrigerator, and insists on sitting at the kitchen table with us to eat his meals. We have put away his toddler booster seat. He uses the same utensils and plates we do. We’ve been having family dinners, where has the same meal we do.

And goodness, he has turned into a BOY.

His life revolves around trucks and cars and motorcycles. He’s obsessed with the lawnmower.

(And when I say obsessed? I mean it.He wants to push it, to turn it on, to watch when a neighbor is mowing the lawn. He’s addicted enough to it that I’ve been shopping on craigslist in the hopes of finding him a cheap plastic one of his own.)

And all he wants to do is throw and catch things. The soft nerf ball inside the house. His blue bouncy ball outside. His bear blanket when it’s bedtime.

And he INSTRUCTS me when he throws something to me. He’ll say “Catch, Mommy! Put your hands out!”

When I catch his throw? He’ll remark “good job Mommy!”

He’s got such a sense of humor, too. I wish I could capture it on film, but when he’s playing a joke on us, he lowers his chin and smiles, his dimple and eyes flashing with Wicked.

And then he’ll let out an infectious giggle which is impossible for J and I to resist.

I mean, seriously. Look at him.

This little boy is my heart.

And I am so damn lucky.



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  1. It really is amazing. How quickly the time goes and the changes in such a short amount of time. In the grand scheme of his life the first 3 years are so short. But look at all that happens in those 3 short years.
    I watch K and I am amazed with what she remembers and knows. How she can surprise me with her skills. It is just so amazing being a mom. Thanks for this post, it hepled remind me 🙂

  2. OMG, he’s like a mini-man! A mini-adult! So cute! And the whole playing jokes on you, and instructing you – I love it. I wait for it.

  3. yep, I’ve been meaning to write about it myself..because they are little boys now…it’s impossible but true.
    I love how everything O is doing the boys are doing too, like they are “growing up” together, it gives me such a giggle…and warms my heart to know that the little babies who were “WORTH THE WAIT” are now little boys who fill up our hearts with so much joy.

    I hope I get to meet O in person before he goes to college LOL (and his mommy too)

  4. I see Willow change in front of me every day, and even though I know it happens this way…it is still so amazing!

    To finally meet this wonderful person in your life and to realize that he is your child.

  5. This post makes me teary because I’m about to write something similar. We potty trained my now 3 year old son over Memorial Day weekend (and not sure where you are with that endeavor, but do I have the program for you!) and now there is not one shred of baby in him. The closest thing that is reminiscent for me are his toes (but he wears a size 11W shoe so even that is a stretch).

    I LOVE being my son’s mother and as I struggle with trying to decide whether (and then how to) have a sibling, I am so GRATEFUL to the universe that his embryo stuck around and decided to be in our family.

  6. It really IS incredible. The thing that cracked me up recently with A was when she said ‘good job mommy’ after I peed in a public restroom. Of COURSE there was another woman in the other stall LOL

  7. He’s growing up, all right. I know it’s such a huge cliche but it really does go by so quickly. I & N seem like children now – at 19mo, their 12mo bodies and abilities are ancient history.

    The girls have a Little Tikes mulching mower (not with bubbles) and really enjoy it. It’s pretty basic and low-tech. Whenever a neighbor is cutting the grass, one of the girls is certain to get out the mower and work up and down our own yard. Then I. parks it behind the gate of their little house. : )

  8. I can’t believe what a little boy he is! I have loved watching him grow from a tiny baby into a little man.

  9. Gosh. Yes. He is big these days.

    It is great he is doing all that stuff. Very adorable.


  10. Wow, he really is all boy now! A friend even said that to me about V last weekend (her daughter is about 5 months younger than V). While he’s still got plenty of baby left, I went back and looked at old pictures and was floored at how small he really was…

  11. It does go fast. S, they are little people! It’s crazy. Cate just said “nite! Nite!” turned off the t.v. and started walking up the stairs. Well, all right then.
    Wish we could have a play date.

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