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O has been All About Mommy for about a week now.

His first words over the monitor at 5:30am in the morning?

“I need mommy!”

If I don’t come within 10 minutes, he’ll manufacture drama by dropping Bear onto the floor.


(Seriously. At 5:30 in the morning, my appetite for drama is pretty much nil.)

On Friday night, when I came in to say goodnight to him so J could put him to bed, he wound his arms around my neck and wouldn’t let go until I took him into my arms. Then he cheerfully waved “bye bye Daddy!” and told me to sit down in the rocking chair.

Poor J kissed O on the head, went downstairs, and finished the dishes.

And O and I spent the next twenty minutes rocking and giggling and reading and tickling.

I am very loathe to blame this on molars, but I suspect it’s the case. Mostly because in the past two days O has told us his “teeth hurt.” He’s rubbed each one of his ears. He’s asked for “medicine” twice. He’s spent most of the day with a finger jammed in the back of his mouth. And the other night I caught a glimpse of one of his molars poking through the bottom of his gums on one side.

Just before he bit me.

(Yeah. I didn’t learn the last time I stuck my finger in his mouth. I’m smart like that.)

And you know something?

As much as I’d like to say I dislike this phase, I really don’t.

I mean, I don’t like being woken up at 5:30am on the weekends.

But I love snuggling with him. I love it when he says “mommy!” and pulls on my hand to walk with me and show me something.

I love when he climbs up on my lap and lets me blow raspberries in the hollow of where his neck meets his shoulder.

I love that he NEEDS me, still. Because his days are a blur of playing and running and throwing his bouncy ball and exploring and talking and moving and squirming and climbing and jumping.

Because we’ve been speeding through the past two years at light speed, and I have this sense that I’m going to blink and he’s going to be grown up and going to college.

So when he winds his arms around my neck and says that he needs me, I’m going to stop whatever it is I’m doing and hug him back.



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  1. Who could resist hugs like that? 🙂
    I’ve found that I do the same thing. Just this morning after swimming lessons K gave me a huge hug. Now, I could have given her a quick hug because I wanted to get home and get L lunch and then nap. However, I hugged her as long a she would let me.
    Then she tried to push me over.
    BUT, I savor the hugging type moments as they get few and far between.

  2. I know just how you feel. I am trying to get it all in while I can.

  3. yep, it does make it all worth it…I admit that I too when they choose me over John (once in a while) or when they run for me first at daycare.

    I love how he BIT YOU..I did Laugh out loud. We NEVER learn…I never do. 😉

    I loved this post, I can feel the love between you two and that makes me sooo happy.

  4. I teared up reading this post. I feel the same way about my 17 month old. I know the needing and wanting to be with me will only get less, not more, so I’m trying to savor every hug and every grabbing of my hand.

  5. Lyla has been very attached lately too. She says: Lyla wants hug… I love that she needs me too. It is so good to be loved by them isn’t it?

  6. Caden is very much a Mommy’s boy. Like O, he loves his Dadda but he covets Mommy time. And now there is a little bit of jealousy between him and his sister because I am still nursing her. So I have been getting lots of big boy cuddles lately and I LOVE it too!

  7. I’m not glad that his teeth hurt, but it is nice you’re getting some snuggle time. Hopefully, once he’s grown well beyond that college day, he will still want to cuddle his mum from time to time.


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