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June 30, 2010 at 7:48 am | Posted in My life | 5 Comments

My brother called me yesterday at 11am to tell me that my SIL’s water had broken at 6am and “it was go time.”

I talked to him last night at 10pm, where she was 7cm dialated. He told me he’d call, no matter the time, when the baby was born.

I still haven’t heard from him. And I’m not going to lie to you, I’m worried.

I mean, I KNOW these things take time. Likely everything is fine.

But I’m worried anyway.

I just want to know that everything’s all right and my niece or nephew is here and healthy.


I think I’m getting stupider.

At the very least? I SOUND stupider.

You’d like to hear an example? Sure!

Here’s a couple of the things that have come out of my mouth recently:

1. In response to O’s daycare teacher, who told me that he was making so much progress on his social skills over the past few weeks: “Thank GAWD.”

Uh yeah. That was a proportional response to her comment.

2. In response to when two of my female coworkers asked me if we ever found out O’s gender when I was pg with him: “No, we had an agreement – we’d not find out the gender with him. But THIS one? Yeah, I’m finding out the gender.”

Uh. THIS one? I am NOT pregnant, first and foremost.

And yes. Much backpedalling ensued.

Way to go, Serenity, making your coworkers wonder.

I’m attributing it all to work stress (there’s so much going on, I don’t even know how to BLOG about it) and bed time crawl. You know, when your bed time, instead of being a reasonable 9:30, ends up at 10:30 or even 11pm. Which would be fine, you know, if you didn’t get up at 4:45am nowadays to run.

Anyway. I’m okay, J’s okay, Puck’s okay, O’s great (as usual), but I’m suffering from a lack of being able to speak without sounding completely stupid.

Here’s hoping I’ve got something for you all soon.



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  1. I see we have the same Disease!!!!! THANK GAWD! LOL LOL

    I love you and you’re not stupid, just tired and mothering , and wif(e)ing (oh that’s a word!!!) it happens.


  2. oh see, I’m stupid too…hitting the button too early.

    Can’t wait to hear/see your new niece or nephew. πŸ™‚

  3. After my own experience with an unproductive labor, preeclampsia, and unscheduled C-section, I start to worry after so many hours, too. Hope all is well.

    I think I’m getting dumber as well. I write notes so quickly, while multitasking, that I leave out words — thankfully, not in my professional work as an editor! D. said that his parents’ regional accent was rubbing off on my own speech and that I was slurring certain words as they do. And even though I check our online bank accounts religiously, I seem to have made some errors. Oh, GAWD, indeed. : )

  4. “Thank Gawd!” sounds like something I would say. πŸ™‚ Don’t be so hard on yourself. I hope your SIL is doing okay and the baby arrives fast and healthy. Can’t wait to hear all about your new niece or nephew.

  5. I hadn’t heard that before but I totally do the bedtime crawl. Normally, 10:30 is the latest…I haven’t been able to go to bed before midnight the last two nights. And I’m exhausted. And I hate it. Cause I’m not staying up to do something productive, just laying there – tired.

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, he thinks he is helping. But I just want to be left alone and I was good at asking for it today and he didn’t respect it and it just turned my sadness to anger and then we fight and it is just so ugly and unnecessary…sigh. (kinda like that run-on sentence)

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