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I wish I could manage to get O’s monologues on video.

Because seriously?

My child is LONG WINDED.

An example of the usual, first-thing-in-the-morning monologue.

Literally from the moment I walk into his room:

“I get up; Mommy takes out of my crib. Mommy change my pants. I wear a red shirt and pants. My shirt has fishies! I have a boo-boo on my leg; I fell down and bang my knee. Daddy picked me up. I wear socks, Bear wears a diaper. Uh oh, Mommy! Bear going poop in his diaper. Needs a change. Bear needs cream on his bum. Bear has a boo-boo on his knee – I have a boo-boo on my knee. I fall down and bang my knee; Daddy pick me up. Go downstairs, Mommy? I have a gummy? And yogurt?”

All before I manage to finish getting him dressed for the day.

You get the picture, yeah?

The newest thing, though, is his imagination. He pulls the cushion off the old armchair and puts it on the ottoman. That’s his “grill.” He spends time patting the grill with his spatula (from his play oven), and then presents me with something to eat.

“Here you go, Mommy. Here’s some chicken.”

He’ll even bring over a bowl for me – to make me macaroni and cheese. But forget about asking for a spoon, because he’ll respond “No Mommy. No spoon. O eats with a spoon. Mommy uses her HANDS.”

I feel like the past few months I’ve been amazed every day at what O can DO. He kicks a ball really well. He uses a bat to hit a baseball off a tee (left handed). He throws and catches and talks and eats. He counts to 20, and is trying to figure out how to count to 30 (though right now he repeats 22 six or seven times before he shouts “THIRTY!”)

He tells us we have to SIT at the kitchen table “on your knees or your bum, Mommy! No stand on the bench!”

His hair is blond and his skin nut brown from being outside all the time. He loves the beach, and water, and the sprinkler, and Curious George, and bicycles, and his lawnmower, and running, and giggling, and bossing us around.

It’s hard to imagine living our life any other way.



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  1. So cute! I love talkative kids. They say the most adorable/funniest things. You should do a video blog of one of O’s monologues one day. I would love to see that!

  2. I read your posts and so feel like we are living parallel lives. My son is similar in both his colorful long-windedness and his creativity (he has a cell phone, one of our broken ones, and he’ll make a ringing sound, answer it, and have an entire conversation with someone of his choosing on the other end (his “friend” or grandma or his uncle or daddy).

    He is now asking thoughtful, insightful questions of us and/or initiating and actual conversation with us. It has actually taken me aback that now I am conversing (vs. talking at listening to or directing or teaching) with him.

    As we proceed tentatively with domestic adoption (I just emailed the firm we will be using to get the ball rolling this morning, finally!), I think of how much I love my son and our life and how humbled I am at this blessing that is my life. I can only imagine it exploding exponentially with the addition of another child. I am so ready.

  3. I can’t tell you how much I say the words “on your knees or your bum!” during the day. It must be a thousand!

  4. What a little chatterbox, I love chatty kids. O is so clever and just way too cute!

  5. he sounds amazing, I love this age (except for the tantrums and overall definace) because Gio and Jacob sing and talk and mimic every single thing we say. they just love giggling and running and they talk from the moment they wake up to the moment thier eyes close in sleep.

    O is such a wonderful little boy, you are soooooo lucky my friend.

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