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August 4, 2010 at 9:28 am | Posted in motherhood, My life, Mythical #2 | 7 Comments

1. It was wonderful to have my sister in town. She was AWESOME with O – he was all about his Auntie C. Better than that, she reminds me just how much I miss my family and wish they lived nearer.

I love my in-laws, but it’s just not the same as MY family.

I miss her already.

2. We had a fanastic time on the Cape this weekend. The weather was gorgeous – sunny, in the low 80s – perfect beach weather.

My little fish took to the warmer-than-the-ocean-near-our-house water, and spent ALL of his time either walking around in chest-high waves or asking J or I to “float” him. Since he loved it so much, swim lessons are most definitely in our future. Perhaps next spring/summer we’ll have him take a round of lessons at the Y.

He also learned about the ice cream truck and how yummy vanilla push-up pop can be. Every day when the ice cream truck drove up, O would ask “ice cream?”

And seriously, when you’re on vacation? How can you resist getting an ice cream from the ice cream truck?

3. My cousin’s oldest son, N, absolutely ADORED O. He ordered O’s dinner at the restaurant. “He’ll have the hot dog, and I’ll have the chicken, please.” By the end of the weekend, whenever N was out of the room, O would look up and say “what’s N doing?” He followed N around like N was the coolest person EVER. It was really cute to watch.

4. Going out to dinner with a two-and-a-half-year-old who does NOT want to sit still was very challenging. In fact, by the end of the weekend, my cousin B was calling O “Speedy” because as soon as we got out of the restaurant, O ran. And ran. And ran. In circles, even.

Suffice it to say that I MUCH prefer cooking at home to going out to dinner at this point in our lives.

5. I’m heading back to see Dr. HIT today at 4:30, where we’ll go over the repeat test results and plan out dates and timing of a FET cycle. I expect he’ll tell us that we’re still infertile because J’s numbers haven’t rebounded. But I’m curious to see where my FSH is. More for scientific curiosity than anything else.

6. We’re talking about doing a cycle in September.

Which is next month.


7. Yesterday, when I dropped O off at school, O’s friend R announced to me that he was wearing Mickey underwear.

It sort of shocked me because O has been completely uninterested in sitting on the potty. Whenever we ask if he wants to try, he tells us “I don’t want to.” So we haven’t pushed it.

I hate the idea that there’s pressure to potty train, so J and I are resisting it as well as we can. Right now, all we can do is encourage O to try the potty and reward him if and when he does something on it.

8. This is the part of parenting I hate. The comparing of milestones. I hated it when O was little and not rolling over/crawling/walking. I hate it now, too. Somehow it gets to the heart of my insecurities – that maybe we’re somehow not giving O enough opportunity to do something new, not being encouraging enough, defaulting to thinking that he’s too young to do something he can.

I HATE the idea that maybe we’re holding him back somehow.

Which we’re not, I know.

Just hard to remember in the moment.

9. I’m now into the “I’m starving ALL THE TIME” phase of my half marathon training. I keep reminding myself that food is fuel and it’s good to eat. And yes, I DO eat.

But because I feel myself slipping on portion size, I get paranoid that I’m going to wake up 25lbs heavier than I am now.

And it’s really interesting how long it taken to get USED to my new size. I still see the old me in the mirror so I’m surprised to see a picture of me.

Who IS that skinny chick?

10. Running is AWESOME though. Awesome awesome awesome. After completing a 7 mile AWFUL hot, hilly, humid race a few weeks ago, where I was just happy to FINISH the damn thing, somehow my pace has increased such that I’ve done multiple runs in under 9 minute miles. I started my hill training last week and do real speedwork in a couple of weeks, and my long runs are ramping up to 9-10 mile runs.

The more I do this, the more realistic I think a goal of 2 hours is for this next half.

(I hope I hope I hope.)



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  1. I’m entering the “what have I signed myself up for” part of my half marathon training. It’s still 2 months away, but I feel my body having a bit of a difficult time to adjust to the mileage. I’m tired a LOT. And I want to eat a LOT. And I’m struggling to balance it between eating enough and too much. I’m hoping I get over this hump soon.

    It sounds like your vacation was just fantastic. I love seeing my older niece help out my younger nephews. It’s adorable.

  2. first, you LOOK AMAZING!!!!
    second I try really really hard NOT to compare my kids to other kids and even to each other. It makes me crazy, trying to make them be somebody they aren’t ready to be yet. I too, have a competitive spirit about it too…but then I remind myself that I almost did get to have kiddos, so I get weepy and I’m a little less hard on myself about it.

    Hey we all want them to be the best as their moms, but you know what Serenity, these little boys of ours are amazing just on their own and those milestones will be hit no matter what.

    so glad your vacation was great and good luck with the rest of the training. Run, Serenity, Run!!!

  3. You look awesome! And I get you with the whole picture thing- I was looking at pics from our trip, and there was one in particular where I was totally taken aback at how skinny I looked.

    You made me so envious with your running talk. I have just decided to curtail any attempt to try to run the half at the end of September, as my stim meds are ones that go in my ass, and I found last time that I can’t run consistently when those muscles are inflamed. So the whole month of August is basically out now, what with stims, retrieval, and waiting for beta. That is a hard blow. Mind if I live vicariously (cheering all the way) through you?


  4. I hear ya on numbers 4 and 7! Willow is now resisting not only high-chairs, but booster seats. Which means there is no RESTRAINT to keep her seated at a restaurant. So, we try and try and eventually FAIL..oh, and this started when we went to the Cape…

    #7–yeah, I had a potty FAIL with Michael (I forced him too soon I think) and it has made me much more cautious with Willow. I feel that she is starting to do it on her own, and we will eventually get there–but no pressure.

    Good for you for being so fit and healthy! You (almost) make me want to take up running! 🙂

  5. Lyla actually does very well at restaurants but don’t even get me started on the grocery store visits. I hear you on the pressure to potty train, Lyla is not interested at all and I don’t feel like pushing yet. Good luck with your RE visit, cycle in Semp?? How exciting. I will have my fingers crossed.

  6. Wow – that’s some points!

    Glad you enjoyed your sister’s visit.

    Sounds like O is coming along, even if you do feel insecure once in a while about milestones. (Doesn’t everyone?)

    Good luck for your test results from the RE. My bet is that your FSH is still roughly where it was, SA too. Now I’m dying to see if my guess is right!

    Glad you’re still enjoying the running. Sounds like it’s coming along!


  7. Don’t push it and don’t feel like you need to. They will do it on their time as far as I can tell. This weekend M was interested on Saturday, but Sunday was a different story. He didn’t want to wear a diaper and had 3 accidents in the underpants. I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and he said no so the diapers went back on. He isn’t ready and neither was I!

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