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One of O’s favorite games to play, lately, is ball.

Except that his version of ball uses an imaginary ball.

He’ll hand it to me, and say “Throw it, Mommy!”

When I oblige, he’ll take a major league swing, complete with some fancy footwork, point, and yell “OOOOOHHHH! THERE IT GOES!!!”

And look at me and say “Where’d it go, Mommy?”

Then we spend a few minutes searching for his lost imaginary ball, until he spots it, points to a place, and says “THERE IT IS!!”

Then we start the whole process over.


He also makes up stories about Bear. Usually he’ll look Bear in the face, then say “Bear [insert emotion here].”

If Bear is sad, it’s because he needs a hug or a kiss from Mommy or Daddy.

If Bear is happy, it’s because he was dancing.

If Bear is scared, it’s because something was really LOUD.

If Bear is MAD, it’s because Bear wanted to [insert action here] and O/Mommy/Daddy didn’t let him.

He always ends his stories with hug and a kiss and a question to his lovey.

“You okay, Bear?”

Then a sigh.

“Bear okay.”


“Mommy!” he’ll say to me. “You have a bug! Right THERE!”

Then he’ll come over to brush it off.

(The first time he did this? I nearly freaked out, thinking it was a REAL bug. Thankfully it wasn’t.)


He’s also a master griller, too. He grabs his spatula from his play stove, takes the cushion off the green armchair and puts it on the ottoman, then turns it on with a flip of a switch.

Then he spends time patting it and handing me things. Usually chicken, but often he’ll give me a hamburger or macaroni and cheese, too.


He’s been to enough of my races now that he knows that when Mommy runs, people clap.

And lately he’s taken to telling us “I run in a race, Mommy/Daddy! Clap!”

And he’ll run in circles through the living room, into the dining room, the study, and back into the living room. We have to clap when he arrives in the living room.

When he’s done with running, he’ll raise his arms and say: “I WIN!”

No, kiddo.

I win.



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  1. So sweet (and fun).

    My son announced recently that he has a daughter, named, Cerelli. He called her on his play cell phone and had a whole conversation with her while I listened to his side of it. I love to talk to him about her…(and hope one day to have one of my own, of the flesh and blood variety)!

  2. oh my, those are the sweetest stories ever. What a clever little boy he is ..and I love how all of them are capable of CONVERSATIONS now. It blows my mind at how big they are now.
    thanks for sharing, O is a CUTIE PIE πŸ™‚

  3. That’s quite an imagination. I love that. You don’t see that often in kids nowadays. It sounds like you have quite an intelligent little man. πŸ™‚ Plus, the great thing about playing imaginary ball is that it doesn’t break windows!

  4. I love this post. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh that’s absolutely adorable! What a wonderful imagination O has.

  6. Amazing moments.
    You are so right, you are the biggest winner. What a wonderful kid.

  7. Lyla’s babies are always sleeping , then they get sick, or they are hungry… she spends a lot of time “cooking” too, she brings me immaginary cakes … I love it

  8. Awesome. I love the imaginary age.


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