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On Saturday, after my morning run, J, O, and I got together with O’s friend from daycare and his parents. We had a GREAT time at a farm’s corn maze – in particular the two boys were inseparable, running and giggling and tackling each other.

It was sometime during our walk through the maze when R’s mom mentioned to me that he was now in a big boy bed – they had taken down his crib.

We had no idea that O was listening.

But on Sunday morning, when we came into O’s room, he looked at J and I and asked, hopefully:

“I have a big boy bed too? Like R?”

That was enough for J, who has been espousing the whole crib conversion thing.

We “fixed” O’s bed – took his crib and converted it to a toddler bed.

As luck would have it, we were out all day yesterday, and ended up driving back home at O’s bedtime – so he sacked out in the car on the way home.

So I put him, fast asleep, into his new bed.

And when I left the room, he looked so LITTLE, all curled up, in the crib-which-is-no-longer-his-crib.

So of course I slept like crap last night, certain that he was going to roll over and fall out of what seems like an impossibly big opening in his crib.

Oh wait. Toddler bed.

Big boy bed.

Either way, I was paranoid that he was going to fall out. Despite the fact that if he DID fall, he’d land on padded carpeting.

And this morning I was woken at 5:30 to the sounds of him trying to open his door. (I am not ashamed to admit that for overnights we have put a baby-proof handle on his door)


Yep. Changes are afoot at chez Serenity.

I just hope that *I* am ready for them, that’s all.



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  1. Oh gosh, that was me last night. Kate slept in her crib for an hour – right beside me, but I don’t think I slept much at all during that hour, I was waiting for her to roll over or wake herself up or something. Them growing up is hard on mommies!

  2. So cute. I hope he’s enjoying his big-boy bed!

  3. Wow, of all my friend’s that have kids I think O is the first one that I’ve heard of that didn’t get out of bed consistantly throughout that first night. Way to go, O!!

    • OMG A – If I had heard this story BEFORE we converted to the toddler bed, no WAY would I have said yes.

      Wait! Can I put it back to a crib????

      That said, he was dead asleep when we put him to bed last night, so tonight’s the real test. 🙂

  4. We’re so going to have to do the big boy bed soon.

  5. Our crib doesn’t convert, but we’ve set up a big girl bed and told A she can sleep in it once she’s ready to sleep without her paci. I think I may have inadvertently incentivized myself to let her keep the paci. Oops 🙂

    So exciting that O has made this transition!

  6. It’s so cool that he was listening and that he’s reached the stage where he will ask to be allowed to keep up with the other kids. Not just “you’ve got a toy that I want” but in a more abstract way – with things he can’t see here and now. A lot of things going on inside that head, for sure.


  7. The adventure begins! I remember when we put M into a toddler bed and the many nights he would come to our bed in the wee morning hours–pjs soaked. I would groggily take off his pjs/his diaper, and he would lie naked and warm between us until time to get up. And now, at almost 12 years old, there are still times when he comes into bed with us to snuggle for an hour or two before we get up.

    We haven’t converted W’s bed yet–I am waiting until I get home from a trip…but it will soon be upon us. Another milestone. 🙂


  8. Oh we are about to make this change too and I’m SO worried! What if it makes things worse? EEK!

    Also, I linked to your blog today:
    I hope you don’t mind!

  9. well mine have been in toddler beds since they were about 14 months old…Gio wouldn’t stop climbing out of his bed, so we just converted, they like their beds but they like OUR bed better and I am not a fan of co-sleeping. LOL

    I remember being soooooo anxious that first month after we converted, of them falling or being scared etc…but it does get better….that I promise you, at least he isn’t sacked out in your bed every night, like two twin toddlers I know.

  10. Great story! Though it brought me to tears! The kids are growing up SO fast. It’s amazing now how they ASK for changes.

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