Things I Want to Remember.

October 14, 2010 at 10:04 am | Posted in motherhood | 6 Comments

How upset O gets when we have to get him dressed in the morning, because he ADORES his pajamas and wants to wear them all day.

How PICKY he’s gotten with his pjs too; wants to wear only the monster or sports-themed ones.

How he doesn’t want to wear a coat, and how on the one day I forced his zip up fleece onto him, he practically BEAMED when he took it off all by himself.

How when he’s overtired at night, he needs extra snuggles.

How he asks “I face you?” and rests his head on my chest while we rock quietly, listening to classical music.

How his first words we hear over the monitor in the morning is “Mommy?”

How when we open the door to his room, he’s standing right there, with bear and his blanket tucked under his arm.

How if you disappear for a few minutes, he runs through the house screaming your name. And when you appear, he says “I missed you!” Like you were gone for hours.

How he’s obsessed with talking about pee pee and poo poo. And how he wants to SEE them in the potty before we flush. EVERY.TIME.

How much he wants to be a Big Kid – his current catchphrase is “Noooooo, Mommy! I do it ALL BY MYSELF!”

How he’s learning with our constant encouraging to ask for things nicely. How every time he says “Mommy, could I have that [insert object here], please?” in his sweet little voice I can’t really resist.

How the sight of his head peeking through the picture window when I get home at night INSTANTLY negates all the crap I deal with at my job every day.

How much I love him.

How lucky I am to be his mother.



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  1. It is pure love to be missed like that just from a pee break 🙂 I wish I had been better about recording these small snippets. I’ve forgotten so many of them for the twins because it all moves so quickly. You’re brilliant to pause and record.

  2. Awww, this just crushes my heart. I’ve been meaning to write a similar list about my little guy.

  3. So sweet. My son told me yesterday he missed me all day. And I thought, “I don’t think I ever said that to my mother. What a gift, from a child who is that aware and sensitive …”

  4. so so sweet. I will sit down tonight and write a similar post. I love when I am doing makeup Lyla sits by me with her fake makeup kit and imitates everything I do. In the end she says: Lyla and mommy are so pretty!

  5. They are such sweet things to remember. I, too, will have to write a post like this.


  6. […] I forget I’ve been adding to this post for a bit but a similarly themed post by Serenity inspired me to publish […]

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