So Advanced!

October 21, 2010 at 10:24 am | Posted in Cult of Personality, Mensa (aka: my kid's brilliant | 6 Comments

It was a joke between my friend D and I when our babies were little.

They’d do something that ALL babies did, and we’d say something like “Wow! She just rolled over! All by herself! She’s SO ADVANCED!”

And even now, I’ll joke to J about how Owen is So Advanced! when he does something that I know all kids do.

But lately, he has actually started to freak me out with the things he KNOWS.

Like J taught him one morning about why the grinder in our coffeemaker is really loud. He showed O that it was grinding the beans, then when the coffee was made he showed O that the beans were “smooshed.”

O has been talking about it nonstop since. “Mommy! The beans go in, and then the coffeemaker goes ‘WOOOOOOOO!’ and the beans get all smooshed up. Then the coffee comes out from the water, and then Daddy takes it and puts the beans in the garbage.”

And he’s started to apply it to other things too, like the car. His usual monologue goes something like this:

“Mommy put the key IN and turns on the CAR. Then it goes ‘room room!’ and the air blows out in the back like a hairdryer.”

And then there’s the aforementioned dismantling of the child-proof doorknob cover.

Which happened again last night three times, and then again this morning, where he showed up in the bathroom this morning with the pieces in his hands. “Here, Mommy,” he said. “I took this off.”

I suppose my expectations of him aren’t all that high. In my mind I still see someone who really needs my assistance with most everything.

So it’s actually somewhat surprising to me to see that it’s not the case. Because it’s one thing to know that the has the capability to learn how to do something, but it’s another to admit, hey, my kid doesn’t need me to do this for him.

It’s funny. Because whenever I think that, I do feel a pang.

It’s going by so quickly.

But mostly, I’m fascinated. Mastering a new skill is something that gives O PLEASURE. I wish you all could see how PROUD he was when he handed me the doorknob cover. It made my heart happy.

And I see all the opportunities for growth and learning for him, and I can’t wait to see him grow and master them.

Cause, you know. My kid’s so advanced, and all.



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  1. We joke around like that too – esp with Cam. But yesterday, in the car, he was saying the alphabet with me. I would say a, he would say a. I would say b, he would say b…. and then I c, he said d! And I was like…. huh. really? It’s crazy, crazy stuff.

  2. It’s amazing what they know, it’s great when they let you in on it.
    He’s a great all around kid Serenity. He’s loves to learn as much as you do :).

    PS- After your performance last night? You’re going to rock the two kid thing. Thanks again!

  3. There will be days when he’ll want you to do things for you that he already knows how to do, too. I think they do it to comfort us. 🙂

  4. It’s totally amazing… All the knowledge gets stored up in their heads, and then they get the language to express it. It really is SO ADVANCED. And awesome. Enjoy the moments, it’s wonderful that you are writing it all down.

  5. I feel this way a lot too….esp lately. And being honest, I just want them tostay little. It’s freaks me out when they can do A+B=C…it’s like “Do you two know MORE than me?” sometimes it feels that way.

    I love that he is so advanced and making you smile, you’re a great mommy and it shows in your VERY VERY awesome kiddo!

  6. Oh, but that is advanced! He’s definitely got a skill there. I’m impressed. But yes, growing so quick.


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