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November 5, 2010 at 2:05 pm | Posted in FET #5: Last Chance Waltz, Pregnancy | 46 Comments

I was all zen about things yesterday; knowing that no matter what the results of today was, we’d be fine, we’d make a new plan. Et cetera.


Since this morning’s draw, I’ve barely been able to sit still. My heart felt like it was racing, and it took every ounce of focus to still my breathing and take a deep breath.

But the news is good.

Today’s results: More than doubled. 198.

They had me cancel my follow up appointment and instead make an ultrasound appointment with the nurse practitioner.

It’s currently scheduled on the Monday of the week of my birthday – November 22.

This would be the best birthday present ever.

Holy crap. I think I might be pregnant.



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  1. Wonderful! I’ve been thinking of you and hoping for good news. Congratulations!!

  2. yay! that’s wonderful!

  3. Great news! Hoping you get a great birthday present.

  4. Wonderful news – congratulations!

  5. Great news! Congrats!

  6. How wonderful!!! I’m very happy for you, Serenity!

    (Breathlessness was one of my first symptoms, BTW.) : )

  7. i just yelled out loud.

    wonderful news! happy vibes coming your way from out here in utah.

  8. MY heart is racing! I’m so so so happy for you!

  9. Oh, you are definitely pregnant!

    Stay zen, mama!

  10. Woohoooooo!!!! Yay Yay Yay!!!!!

  11. Yay!!!

  12. How awesome!.Congratulations

  13. Best news!!! Congrats! Can’t wait until the 22nd!

  14. Oh no, what the f* did you just get yourself into???? Lol, just kidding:-) Congrats!!!

  15. Fantastic!!

  16. Brilliant news!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you. 🙂

  18. Congratulations!! I am so excited for you! Hoping you get the birthday present you want. 🙂

  19. Haha! Yes you are my dear!

  20. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Doing a little happy dance x

  21. FANTASTIC!! I’ve been holding my breath waiting!!

  22. Holy crap indeed!! This is wonderful – hang in there …. wishing all the best for you. XO

  23. Congrats, so far so good.

  24. WHEEEEEEE!!!!!

    I am SO happy. 😀 Congratulations!

  25. sweet! what a wonderful number!!

  26. Fantastic news. I must admit to checking the site a couple of times from work waiting for good news.

  27. great rise!! hope the u/s goes well.

  28. Huge congrats Serenity!!

  29. Great! Yay! Congrats!

  30. YEAH!!!! Great news! May it all continue to go great & result in a perfectly wonderful sibling for little O! 🙂

  31. That is awesome! Congratulations and I hope you get the BEST birthday present ever!

  32. I started reading your blog when O was about 5 weeks old and I had just given birth. To read such an honest blog and know I wasn’t the only one who was struggling a bit with a new baby was so reassuring. Since then I’ve stalked you because it’s your honesty and self awareness that are so beautiful. You write with such vulnerability, the reader walks away feeling like they know you. And so even though we don’t really communicate ever, have never met, etc, I am totally sincere when I tell you I’m thrilled for you! I know you don’t want to get too excited yet but I’m beside myself for you Serenity!

  33. Wow! That’s some good numbers you’ve got there. Fingers crossed for the next step.


  34. Awesome! Wish I could’ve said congrats in person 🙂

  35. Wow, that is so great! I know you guys must be thrilled!

    Our boys are only a few weeks apart, and I’m always amazed at how on-topic your posts are for what I am experiencing with my Jim.

    I just delivered our baby girl last week, and I can tell you that being PG with a toddler is a whole new ballgame. But guess what? It’s also super-cool. I wish you the BEST of luck on the PG roller coaster ride!

  36. SQEEE!!!

  37. There were so many similarities to when I got pregnant with Willow–down to the fact that I was zen with a plan—I just KNEW it was good news!


    So sorry that you couldn’t come last night so we could have given you a great big group hug–but consider it given!

  38. Your hope must be brimming now! I really hope all goes smoothly from here on out! Congrats!

  39. YAY!!! Such wonderful news! I hope you continue getting such news!

  40. Wow. Wow. WOW!!!!!

  41. Yay Serenity!!! Congratulations!!!

  42. Hooray! Wonderful news 🙂


  43. holy chit mon! that’s AAAAAAAAWESOME!!

    that’s a sign the u/s is on your bday! holy cool!

  44. OMG! I am so behind on my blog reading and so incredibly OVER THE MOON excited for you. I think it’s awesome that the ultrasound is on your birthday. Congratulations!

  45. I’m so happy for you. Mear words don’t suffice, I’ll be in a “mood” and I’ll remember that you are in fact…PREGNANT ..and I’ll smile and say a little “thank you” to the Angels for listening and answering….this has made my whole month.

    I am BEYOND HAPPY and OVER THE MOON For you, J and O….CONGRATULATIONS sweetie.

  46. Serenity, That is fantastic news! Congratulations!!!

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