Not a Good Sign.

November 9, 2010 at 1:18 pm | Posted in FET #5: Last Chance Waltz, Pregnancy | 30 Comments

The cramping started around 10:30 this morning.

There was blood on the toilet paper both times I went to check.

Red blood.

Not thinking this is a good sign, not at all.



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  1. *hugs*
    Hoping it’s nothing. I’m here if you need me.

  2. Oh, S. I *so* hope this is a false alarm.

  3. I know you don’t want to have false hope, but maybe just hold back on having a reaction until you have more information.

    (Good luck w/ that!)

  4. [[Hugs]] Hoping this turns out to be a false alarm.

  5. I like Kate’s thought. I know that is easier said than done, but I’m praying for you.

  6. Hoping and praying that this means absolutely NOTHING. Love and thoughts with you as you wait for some answers. *hugs*

  7. This happened to me with Genevieve. I thought we were sh&t out of luck. Seriously hoping that this is the case with you too. A big false alarm. Hang in there, and keep us updated. We’ll be stalking you!

  8. had this with both of my boys….praying for you!

  9. I hope it’s nothing. 😦

  10. Thinking of you and hoping it’s a false alarm.

  11. long time reade/lurker. Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you. I had spotting and cramping through my first 2 trimesters. It wreaks havoc on you. Good luck and update us after you hear from the dr

  12. Hoping its just one of those things and it goes away.

  13. I’m thinking of you today, keeping my fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious.

  14. I had bleeding and spotting with both of my girls. Hang in there!

  15. XOXO

  16. I gushed red blood with Maggie. Thinking good thoughts for you.

  17. Hoping and praying for you that it’s nothing.

  18. Will be keeping things crossed and waiting the next update.


  19. Oh, no! I’ll be thinking of you.

  20. I’m not going to be Miss Mary Sunshine in all of this. But I will say not to get ahead of yourself. Wait for your appointment. I had full-on bleeding (not spotting – gushing, sorry for the TMI) through the entire first trimester of two of my pregnancies. It’s the scariest damn thing in the world, but sometimes it just happens. Good luck and keep us posted.

  21. I bled while pregnant with my daughter. A physician told me that IVFers bleed more than non-IVFers, they don’t know why. Seriously hoping this is just a tiny bump in the road for you…

  22. I am hoping it’s nothing to worry about. Thinking of you.

  23. I don’t like hearing that you are also cramping on top of the bleeding. But, we have all heard of the bleeding/gushing/cramping and everything turns out ok scenarios and I will be hoping that this is one of those cases.

  24. Thinking of you

  25. Crossing my fingers and my toes.

  26. I am wishing for the best and my heart goes out to you because not knowing is a scary horrible place to be. Praying for you.

  27. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping it’s just a false alarm.

  28. Ugh, I wish you could just be spared the stress of this common occurrence (because regardless how common it is, it sucks when it is happening to you). As others have said there is simply no way to know what, if anything, the cramping/bleeding mean and, unfortunately, there is nothing to do but wait and see.

    I HATE that you have to go through this but I know you know that it does happen and doesn’t always signal the end. Just as with other posters, I had bleeding at 5 1/2 wks (before we’d had our first u/s) and again at 8 weeks and 11 weeks. Bleeding and clots and I never would have ever believed that a pregnancy could continue with so much blood. But, it did. And, he is 3 yrs 8 mos.

    Try to rest as much as you can, drink your fluids, and let us know how you are (and what you decide, if anything, to do).

  29. I had bleeding with this pregnancy, too … thought for sure it was AF. And lo … it was most definitely not. Thinking good thoughts for you …

  30. I hope everything is ok.

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