Good News (For a Change).

November 19, 2010 at 6:00 am | Posted in milestones, motherhood | 9 Comments

On Monday, I talked with the new director at O’s school, to discuss O’s transition upstairs to the preschool room.

All of us agreed that O was more than ready, and so at the end of the conversation, we had a plan. O was going to start “visiting” the upstairs room for a couple hours at a time, with a gradual lengthening of the time he was up there, such that by next week he’d have spent the whole day.

We started on Tuesday. From what I heard that day, his visit upstairs went really well. We picked him up in the toddler room, like normal.

So I was completely surprised to show up on Wednesday night and be told that O had refused to go back downstairs into the older toddler room.

He had spent the entire day upstairs with the preschoolers.

And when I got there, he was playing in the pre-kindergarten room, since they combine rooms for the last hour of the day. He was playing trains with one of the older boys.

Yesterday morning?

I gave him a choice of going to Miss H’s room (older toddlers) or Miss K’s room (preschool). Without hesitation, he chose Miss K. He walked upstairs, opened the door, and went in to see all his friends.

He even showed me where his cubby was, so we could “put his coat down.” He pointed out the pet fish in the room.

When he went to run off to play with his friend R, I stopped him and asked for a hug – which I always do in the mornings. He hugged me hard, said Bye, Mommy!

And then ran off to play.

I know that there’s a chance this is a “honeymoon” period with the transition, and that next week we’ll have some fallout from being upstairs.

We can definitely tell that he’s processing things because he’s barely eating (way too distracted) and his sleep is interrupted – on Wednesday morning he called for me and milk at 2am.

But he seems excited and stimulated and happy for the change.

I cannot tell you how PROUD I am of my big boy.

My preschooler.



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  1. !!!! This is amazing. Hell, I am proud of O and he’s not even my child! That’s wonderful news, Serenity. I’m so glad that his transition is going smoothly. 🙂

  2. Way to go, O!

  3. Hooray for O! 🙂 Transitions like this are so hard for them … it’s great that he’s doing so well in this initial period.

  4. Thats fantastic!! Its amazing how kids can mature in the blink of an eye. Maybe holding him back a bit was a good idea so he could feel completely ready for the change when it came. Probably way less traumatic. At least on this end of the transition.

  5. Wow! What a good job, O! He’s getting so big.

  6. Yay, O!! Hope it continues going well!

  7. Kids are amazing aren’t they? Hooray for O!

  8. Well done O!

  9. That is good news. Great that they can do a soft transition like that, too.


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