Here we go. Again.

December 8, 2010 at 7:03 pm | Posted in IVF #4: I'm STILL doing this? | 14 Comments

I met with Dr. HIT today. And though, truthfully, I had to take a deep breath before I opened the door and went in… it was a good meeting.

I learned a couple of things, too.

First, they called my loss an actual miscarriage. Instead of “biochemical pregnancy” like they used after IVF #1, this time they termed it “spontaneous abortion.”


But Dr. HIT told me that we had really good implantation (since my numbers got fairly high). Thought maybe it was embryonic, even though there’s a higher rate of miscarriage among women with a bicornuate uterus.


Second, my Ute still has reason to be jealous of my Ovaries. Cause those babies are YOUNG at heart. FSH hasn’t changed much in the 5 years between draws – at 30 it was 7.1, and at nearly 35 it’s 8.29.

Which bodes very well for a fresh cycle.

Given my history of overstimulation, we went over the protocol for another cycle. I did not know that overstimulation risk is more correlated to age than it is FSH, so he thinks we can go back to the long Lupron protocol we used for IVF #1 with less risk of OHSS.

For those of you following at home (and my own records), this means regular Lupron (10ml during suppression, down to 5ml during stims, instead of 10ml during the entire cycle like I did during IVF #3) and 225 units of FSH during stims.


A higher dose of FSH also means that hopefully we’ll get more eggs, with more embryos, increasing our chance of being able to do a single blastocyst transfer. Given my Ute and the fact that O was early and little, he agrees with us being as conservative as we have been all along.

Thankfully, because I was worried just a little bit that since I’m now in the 35-39 age bracket, he’d suggest something that will help HIS success statistics. I’m happy he’s still the kind of doctor who doesn’t seem to care about that.

The next step is to wait for AF, then we start the birth control pills. If all goes well, we’re looking at retrieval and transfer in mid-to end of January.

We’ll see what happens.

But like it or not, we’re back on this ride.

And in that honor, IVF #4’s motto is this.

I’m STILL doing this?

Here’s hoping it’s the last time. Ever.



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  1. You go, Serenity. Do it! Do it! Do it!

    Cheering you on.

  2. Onward and upward!

  3. I’m hoping this is your last as well. Hang in there.

  4. Good luck. It sounds kind of like falling off a bicycle, and then getting back on and riding again. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    And I’m no expert, but having had a chemical pregnancy once myself, I would’ve labeled yours a miscarriage (I had a beta of 7, and got AF 2 days after it was due. As in, if I wasn’t obsessively charting, I wouldn’t have noticed). So if it feels better to have it labeled that way, I’m glad he said that.

  5. Fingers totally crossed here. It sounds like you have a great plan and I’m really hopeful for you.

  6. Deep breath … and all appendages crossed. Last time.

  7. I’m hoping too that this will be the last time you ride this roller coaster. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

  8. That does bode well for a fresh cycle… I’m glad everything looks good.

    And still hating that term, spontaneous abortion. It’s just…. gah.

  9. I’m hoping with you.

  10. Keeping fingers crossed for the “last time”! 🙂

  11. I’m glad they thought it was more than a chemical pregnancy. With my chemical, my beta was 3, and it never rose.

    Also glad your doc is still awesome, and that you are in good shape. Do you still have insurance coverage for this round? I hope so. I also fervently hope that this is the VERY LAST time you will have to do this!

  12. I hope this is the last time, too. ((HUGS)) I had also been thinking that your loss was not a chemical PG because the numbers did actually go up. Here’s hoping that next cycle, the numbers go up and STAY UP.

  13. Sounds like a solid plan. Fingers crossed it works out first time.


  14. wow, tears in my eyes.
    Your whole being is really an A type isn’t it??? Great numbers!
    you know I’m rooting for you…and here if you need me.

    WOW….those tears again.

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