Speed Cycle.

December 16, 2010 at 12:42 pm | Posted in IVF #4: I'm STILL doing this? | 9 Comments

I did manage to get in touch with my clinic yesterday. Being CD 1 and all, I started up on the pill last night.

I feel like this is a MUCH quicker cycle this time around than last time. The plan is the following:

Pill through 1/2; I start my Lupron injections on 12/27 – starting at 10 units per evening.

I am to call my clinic at the latest on Thursday 1/6 with news of AF arriving or not. Depending on where I am then, we’ll start stims on 1/8.

The average number of days of stims is generally 9, so that means we’re looking at retrieval on or around 1/18.

Holy crap.

Emotionally, I’m all over the place.

I remain just sort of pissed that I need to do this in the first place, and I just want to get it over with.

But I’m sort of shocked at how quickly this is going to go by, too – seems really fast.

I suppose I haven’t really wrapped my head around the fact that we’re, you know, DOING a cycle.

Though, the way things are going, it seems it’ll be over before I really get USED to the idea, so really, how I FEEL about it doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

What I do know is that I want to be done thinking about this. I want to get pregnant – or not – and end our five year relationship with infertility, treatments, and doctors.

I feel like we’re in limbo, waiting to see what happens before we get back to the business of, you know, living our lives. I just want to know that we’re done with family building, I want to stop thinking and wondering what we’re going to look like. Family of three? Or four?

And it’s getting stronger and stronger, this desire to be done with it all.

Yes, I am comfortable with doing this last cycle because I didn’t want to be five years down the road, regretting my decision not to do IVF again.

But. I want to be done so very badly.

The good news is that this cycle likely will speed by, right?


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  1. I think your logic is right – you’d regret NOT doing this more than you’ll regret DOING it. And I’m hoping that the holidays will get your mind off the cycle a bit, although I know they could be tough with your aunt gone. I am so hoping the cycle works for you!

  2. It will fly by – I think that’s the biggest difference for me now vs. before actually succeeding. The cycles seem shorter, and the waits between them seem shorter, too. The holidays will help, too. Good luck. All things crossed.

  3. Wow! That’s fast. But…I’m sure time will slow down while you are in it. I hope that the holidays keep you busy:>

  4. Sounds like speed would be ideal for this cycle anyway … for lots of reasons. Keeping fingers and other things xx’d that it succeeds.

  5. Yes, the limbo factor is one of the hardest things. Hopefully this’ll fly by and you’ll be very pleased with the result at the end, too.


  6. Wishing you the best of luck!

  7. It really does go quickly. I found my IVF meds chart recently and was astonished by the brevity.
    I can completely relate to the feeling of being in limbo. I think that’s truly one of the worst aspects of IF.

  8. sometimes I think that when you have to do things quickly without the luxury of mulling it all over…and having time to go back and forth, instead of just jumping in (I think those POLAR BEAR clubs have a good idea going, you know?) and living thorugh it…walking through it, “if you’re going through hell/limbo..keep going” and all those cliches, JUST DO IT??? LOL

    What I am not saying is that I think for a THINKER like you, this might just be the best way to do this, give you some directions, give you a due date to have it done and not a whole lot of time to THINK ON It, it’s best for you.

    Of course, I’m thinking the VERY BEST for this cycle…just has to be. Miracles abound this time of year.


  9. It’s amazing what your mind does to you, isn’t it. Being done is certainly a good goal – I know it was mine!

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