The Top of the Rollercoaster.

January 5, 2011 at 12:08 pm | Posted in IVF #4: I'm STILL doing this? | 9 Comments

(Or: The Cycle Update.)

I got a call from my clinic yesterday. Apparently one of the consents we signed was specific to an IUI cycle, not an IVF cycle.

When I scanned it, I THOUGHT it was odd it was talking about risk of multiples with clomid and injectibles, but assumed it covered both IVF and IUI risks.

Yeah. Fourth IVF cycle = not so good about actually READING the consents. Bad on us.

Bad on the clinic, too, for giving us the wrong damn consent, and then not actually CHECKING it when we were there, in person, signing the damn things.

But. My nurse H is AWESOME. Because usually we can only sign consents during the weekly office hours. Which is a major PITA for J and I to do. However, she’s making an exception for us and allowing us to sign the correct forms this Saturday morning, since she’s working a shift then.

Since I do not want to put any infertile through the pain of seeing a child in the waiting room at our fertility clinic*, we will drop O off for a playdate with his cousin, thanks to my SIL, and we’ll head to the clinic to sign consents. Again.

This morning also marks CD 1. Which means that there’s nothing preventing me from the stims portion of the cycle.

Which means that currently I am suspended. You know that moment, at the very top, just before the rollercoaster plunges downwards.

So. Uh.

Here we go, I guess.

*This is NOT to imply judgment on parents who are in the situation where they have no choice but to bring their kids to the clinic. I am lucky in that we do have an alternative, therefore we’ll take it.



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  1. I’m so ready to follow you along on this crazy ride.


  2. Wheeee(??!) Following along with ya–and I HATE roller coasters! 🙂

  3. Ugh. What a pain. Glad that they’re at least willing to make some concessions!

  4. Wishing all the very best for this ride.

  5. Ohhhhh, I just feel like giving you a big squeeze right now. Wishing you all the very very verrrrrrrrrrry best for this cycle.

  6. Sending all the very best thoughts and wishes to you for one heck of a fantastic ride!

  7. Hanging on to the bar of the roller coaster along with you…and holding my breath with excitement just a little.

  8. Thinking of you along the way!

  9. Fingers crossed for a great ride.


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