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So back in 2006 when we were doing IVF, I used to sign up with Cyclesistas and read the other ladies who were cycling with me.

Initially it was really nice to have someone in the same boat as me, and I could compare symptoms and cheer other people on as they went through their own cycles.

By the last cycle, though – it was too hard to see the other people have success. So I stopped putting my name up.


Until my grandmother died when I was in fifth grade, my mom and my Aunt Judy were best friends. We lived in the same town, and Amy was close to my age. We spent weekends, weekdays, shopping trips, movie nights, holidays, random days off, school vacations and snowdays together. My cousins would come over and play and end up staying for dinner.

And vice versa.

And it turned out that my mom and Aunt Judy were pregnant with my sister and my cousin T at the same time.

Judy used to tell the story of how when my mom went into labor with my sister during a snowstorm, she was really upset because she didn’t think anyone would be able to make it to the hospital to visit.

And so, Judy told me with her infectious laugh, I also went into labor so I could keep her company!

My mother and her sister ended up sharing a hospital room, and my sister and cousin T call each other ‘cousin-twins.’


This January marks 4 years of trying for a baby for my sister.

And after their third negative IUI in November, her doctor recommended IVF.

So we knew they were going to do a fresh cycle sometime this year. And for Christmas, my brother and I broke the ‘no presents!’ rule and gave my sister $200 in a card. (Even better? It was my BROTHER’S idea. He’s a really good guy.)

My sister called me last week, after her IVF orientation. And she said “Hey! I’m on Lupron!”

As it turns out, my sister and I are cyclesistas.

They’re targeting a retrieval date of 1/23 or so – 6 or so days after our target retrieval date.

And if things work out, she joked, we could have cousin-twins of our own.

I don’t really believe that my family members are sitting around in some Heaven somewhere, playing around with our lives.

But I can’t help but hope it DOES work out for us. Because not only would it be really great for my sister to FINALLY be pregnant…

… but I would love to have a little piece of my aunt’s history in my own life, too.

So here’s hoping.



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  1. Wow. I got goosebumps reading that. I do so hope that this cycle works for both of you…and know the pain of being left being. I’m hoping that if that happens you will both be there to support each other.

  2. That would be so cool! It might have been through Cyclesistas that I found you (?), I was so amazed to find a community like that, especially during the overwhelming time of just starting to figure it out, etc.

    Wishing you both good JuJu, Karma, alignment! (Um, my phrase in real life is “May the Force Be With You”)

  3. Wow. I’m so glad your sister took the step to start fertility treatments – I remember you saying she was moving at a much slower pace than you. I really hope you can be pregnant at the same time and have cousin-twins too! My best friend and I were TTC at the same time, except she wasn’t really “trying” because she got pregnant her first month. I told myself I’d be okay with it as long as I got pregnant before she gave birth – and I got pregnant the week before her son was born. Sigh. Wishing both of you luck this cycle!

  4. I too got goosebumps reading this, and I too will be hoping hoping hoping that this works for both of you.

  5. That would be so wonderful! I’ll hope along with you…

  6. I loved keeping up with Cyclesistas too when I was cycling. I still pop by now and then to see who’s in the thick of things and try to leave a comment when I think I can support or contribute.

    How amazing that you guys will be cyclesistas this time around? Honestly, it does bode well. I have a good feeling about it.

    And I missed blog delurking week as I was away on vacation. Just letting you know that I’m still here, reading and sending great vibes sweetie. *hugs*

  7. That would be really cool. I’m so hoping it works for both of you.

  8. I am hoping for both of you.

  9. That would be such a wonderful story to tell. I’m sending good thoughts for both of you.

  10. Here is hoping for both of you.

  11. I’ll be hoping history repeats itself for your generation. Fingers crossed!

  12. Goosebumps here too. My mom and her best friend were both pregnant at the same time. I came a few days early and he was a few days late so we ended up being born within minutes of each other. The same doctor bounced from bedside to bedside all afternoon. That evening the new moms got in trouble for staying up late laughing to Johnny Carson. Here’s hoping you and your sister have a similar story to share.

  13. Hoping for you both.

  14. Hoping right along with you. ((hugs))

  15. It would be *so* incredible if you got to be be pregnant together. I’m hoping really hard.

  16. Oh, I hope so, too! Very much.

  17. that’s a good bump moment for sure, I DO think your family is up there planning some things for you and your sister. FINGERS CROSSED!

  18. That would be wonderful. Good Luck to you both!

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